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    tl;dr I feel a bigger emotional connection to a girl I've never met or spoken to (except through IM) than I do to nearly all of the friends I've ever had IRL - and she says she feels the same way.

    I'd never actually spoken to anybody over the internet that I didn't already know IRL. I mean, I chat to friends on Facebook all the time, and I talk to internet people on forums a lot - but never one-to-one with somebody I haven't actually met. So this is all a bit weird and new to me, and I'm just wondering if this is a normal experience to have.

    So, anyway, this girl and I used to be regulars on the same game server, and, even though we never ever spoke/typed to each other at all, we always just worked together so well - it was like we knew exactly what the other was thinking. But I'm pretty shy, and so is she, so we went on like that for months before I actually got the courage to start talking to her properly.

    And when we did, it turned out that she wanted to talk to me for ages too, but was too shy to do it. Anyway, fast forward a few more months and we talk pretty much every day on IM. The more I got to know her, the more I realised how freakishly similar we are. And we can just have a laugh, chat about random crap, or talk seriously about very personal stuff - things we wouldn't even tell most of our IRL friends about.

    But she lives on the other side of Europe so I've never actually met her, and for some reason I don't really mind if we ever do meet up or not. Also it's not like I'm looking for a relationship with her or anything - she has a long-term boyfriend, but tbh I don't even think about her in that way anyway.

    It's just, I would never have thought that one of my most meaningful friendships would be with somebody I met over the internet. Like I said, this whole talking-to-internet-people thing is quite new to me. Has anybody else experienced something like this, or is this weird?

    At least it's PRETTY normal in China. I'd say that sometimes these people are much more helpful as you can say everything to them and they're always willing to help. Distance doesn't affect friendship and your so lucky that you've got one.

    I think it's easier to talk to people over the internet. I don't think it's weird. It's prolly nice having someone you can talk about your day with, someone who's not going to judge you for it. It's what you talk about that can get pretty weird tbh. as long as it's harmless and they're not really a perverted old man trying to groom you or anything. But like you said, you don't think of her in that way. Just be cautious really.

    Not really that weird. How is having a friend over the internet in any way different to having a pen pal or something? And there's nothing weird or freaky about that. I know some amazing people who are good friends of mine, and one of them I'd known for seven years before I actually met her in person, we'd been emailing each other and stuff before that. So ignore anyone who hasn't caught up with the 21st century yet, I think it's brilliant that the internet gives us a chance to meet really good friends who we'd never have met otherwise purely because of where we live. So yeah, I think it's really nice that you've met someone you have loads in common with, I hope you stay friends for a long time.
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Updated: April 4, 2012
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