My Dad's threatening to kill himself

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    A few days ago, my mum made the decision to split with my Dad. They've been arguing over pretty much everything for the past year or so, and to be honest, I was quite glad, as it would put an end to all the fights.

    Except now, my mum feels like she has to stay with him, as he's threatened to kill himself if she leaves. He doesn't love her, but he likes all his meals cooked for him, his clothes washed etc, it's all for convenience. He doesn't lift a finger to help in the house, and does around two hours of work a week, compared to my mum, who works from 8 - 5 Monday to Friday to provide for us.
    I really don't know how to react to this. There's a huge atmosphere in our house now, everyone's unhappy, and I don't know whether to talk to my mum, tell her how I feel about the whole situation (which is that she should leave him if she isn't happy and it isn't fair for her to be manipulating her like this) or to stay out of it and hope she finds a way out?

    Im sorry for the situation your'e going through, I know from a similar experience that it can be hard, make sure you talk to someone about all this like a friend etc otherwise your feelings will just keep bubbling inside you and if the atmosphere within your home is quite dark then try to spend your time elsewhere away from home doing things you enjoy.

    You cant tell your mother what to do, whatever she does it is for her to work out for herself and decide, but you can tell her how your'e feeling. Talk to both your parents about how you feel about the whole situation and explain to your father the effects of what he says on everyone and that you feel it is not fair to emotionally blackmail the family.

    Let your parents work out he best decision for them and don't involve yourself too much when theyre in the middle of fight but wait till after and calmly talk to them about how you feel etc, good luck and feel free to PM me :console:



    So sorry what you're going through. Only thing I can think of, is maybe your mum should stop making his tea and washing his clothes. I hate people using suicide as a leverage, it's cruel to his wife and especially children for being so selfish he wants her to do everything for him. I think your mum with think enough is enough and leave him regardless of his pleas. Maybe look into counseling, maybe offer it for your mum to cope with this.

    I'm so sorry, I agree that you should talk to a friend, or another relative about this, It'll all be okay, I'm sorry I couldn't Have been more help :console:
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Updated: April 4, 2012
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