*BREAKING NEWS* - Woman in petrol accident - *BREAKING NEWS*


    One of the many reasons as to why to never listen to the tories.

    I dont see why a cabinet member should lose their job over someones stupidity!!!.She almost qualifies for a Darwin award.

    I thought Maudes advice was pretty sensible. I personally had no idea that a jerry can was specifically 20 litres or even that keeping 20 litres of petrol (in one can?) was illegal. Like the word "hoover" is synonymous with "vacuum cleaner" then I reckon most people just think a jerry can is a normal 5 litre can of petrol/fuel.

    And if the media have such a huge problem with people putting petrol in a can (for the "strike") how do they resolve the milions of people who keep petrol in the garage for mowers etc?

    Decanting your petrol into a jug by a lit cooker - that's a bit daft and I don't think Maude ever suggested doing that.

    Since the last fuel strike I've always kept 3 x 20 litre cans of diesel at home... but btw it's also not sensible to keep petrol in any quantity because it actually goes "off" in time (loses it's octane rating) and could damage your engine.

    (Original post by xXedixXx)
    One of the many reasons as to why to never listen to the tories.
    Anyone thinking the Tories are responsible for this deserves to burn as well. This was not down to bad politics. It's down to natural selection of stupidity.
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Updated: April 4, 2012
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