Birmingham or SOAS?

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    I've received offers from both Birmingham (LLB Law with Business)and SOAS (LLB Law) and I'm unsure which of the two to firm. Any suggestions/advice?

    Same situation here. really confused

    I am torn between chossing Bham, SOAS or Newcastle.

    Its seems quite certain that Bham edges over SOAS in terms of academic prestige as it is generally considered to be one of the top ten law schools in this country.

    But I am aware of the fact (myth) that there will be more seminars, workshops, internship opportunities in London.

    Personally I prefer Bham as a city more than London, but I don't want to make the wrong decision before I can figure out how important a role the'' London thing ''can play. Any experience you have relating to workshops, seminars from big firms and all that?

    Visit them both, see which you prefer?

    Sakamania: If you prefer Birmingham as a city do you not think there's a chance you may end up wanting to work there rather than in London? Firms like Wragge have plenty of high end work and you'll be seeing a lot more of them in Birmingham than you will in London!

    Maybe slightly more networking but most firms will be more than willing to put a couple of trainees on a train for an hour in order to 'hit' a massive RG uni with a top law school, in the numbers game it's second only to Manc. Internships won't be affected I don't think, vac schemes are by competitive application and paid in order to allow anyone from around the country to do them. They don't just send an email inviting you to a vac scheme like they do a cocktail evening, you do a loooong application form, often some psycometric tests, then an interview to get it.

    Also, as a current law student, I find you don't pick up cards (get the business card of a trainee and thus can email them about the firm etc.) at drinks evening, workshops etc. There are simply too many students to too few lawyers for you to be able to talk to them for a meaningful amount of time and thus they have no reason to remain in contact. However, at a law fair (and pretty much every firm will be at Birmingham's) the numbers are much more even, you can chat for a while about a firm without other people trying to get in, nudging you, bodyslamming you through a table etc. to get at the lawyer, and you can make a real connection and get a contact to help you with what to put on the app and son (which is after all what you want).

    With the London thing, has anyone found any evidence whatsoever of this? So far as I can tell they seem to recruit most at 2 unis not in London at all...

    I think the 'London factor' is quite possibly the biggest myth to date on TSR.

    I can't speak for London but I am loving it here in Birmingham. Love the city, the people, the uni itself, and everything else.

    Thx for all the adivce. Really gained some perspectives there

    Guess I will choose Bham as firm and Newcastle(or Exeter) as insurance.

    I've been to Birmingham once and I just fell in love with this city.

    Hope they will still let me in if i slightly miss what is asked for
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Updated: April 6, 2012
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