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Would you trust a 17 yr old boy to drive a motorhome/trailer? Watch

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    Would you trust a 17 yr old boy with a provisional license to drive a motorhome/trailer that weights 53k lb which carries 19 passengers(children and adults) with only 2 seat belts available for a trip of over 1000 km from Minnesota to Texas? As an additional note, there is a loophole in their state's law that permits this because the vehicle is considered for recreational use. It it however, considered illegal in most states otherwise.

    I have already argued about stupidity of such a lax law that is clearly being taken advantage of and it seems the only people that are adamant with thinking that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it are the ones that live there. I have also asked people in other states of this issue(and they agreed with my points) and the only people that took such offense to my opinions are the ones that live in that small town community. It's astonishing to find that they are fine(and even actually thrilled) with the idea of allowing children driving trucks around their area. Clearly they do not understand that just because something is ok, doesn't mean they should...

    The only reason why I even bothered wasting my breath on this is because my friend who lives there is being treated like an outcast and utter **** just because he has a completely different opinion that contradicts with their mindset. I think he has far more credibility in what he said seeing as he works as a legal bus driver.

    the americans let their citizens walk around town with hand gun and own small howitzers, can we really expect them to have sensible laws regarding driving?
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Updated: April 5, 2012
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