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Does Nigeria need Population Control?

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    Lately, it's been recorded that Nigeria has a population of about 150million people. The UK is even bigger than Nigeria in terms of land area, but has about 62million. Even Australia has a bigger land area yet a smaller population.
    Yet, unlike USA and China whom despite having bigger land areas and the biggest land population in the world admit that population control is necessary and try to do something about it, Nigeria denies that it's a problem/threat.
    I've noticed that some Nigerians don't see how lack of population control leads to poverty. In a country like Nigeria were adoption, same sex relationships, medical abortions, family life without male children and education on contraception isn't usually encouraged, you can expect couples to give birth to more than 4 children. Yet there are alot of poor children in the country.
    I know an uncle of mine in Nigeria who had 4 daughters before having 2 sons, I suspected that if some of his daughters were boys, his family won't be that big, nor would that be the case if he knew or cared about what would happen to the country if there were more families like his. I've even heard about people having about 10 children there. Not to talk about polygamous families that...well I'm sure you get the idea.
    Anyway, this question is especially for people who have knowledge about Nigeria, both Nigerians and others, do you think Nigeria needs population control?

    Yes. Look at their future population trends.
    179,791,000 in 2015, 354,369,000 in 2045, 571,677,000 in 2075 etc
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Updated: April 5, 2012
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