Pretty close to dating this girl, friend threatening me

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    My friend set me up with a friend of his as he thought we'd really hit it off. Well he's right-we did hit it off and we have gone out on a couple of dates and like each other. It's going to end up in a relationship sooner rather than later and we both know it.
    However, my friend now says that he has found out 'certain things' about the girl and she is 'not a good person'. He said that her ex who is a friend of his told him that she cheated on him while dating him and was a slut. I did not believe it and told my friend that I was going ahead nonetheless, at which point he got pissed off and said he would stop talking to me.
    I said okay fine stop talking to me(I found this entire thing extremely ridiculous as we are both 22 and this was very immature behaviour). He further went on to say that he would send 'just one text message' to this girl and she would delete me from her life.What do I do? Why is he acting like this?
    He has a girlfriend and is getting married to her next year btw so there is no possibility of him liking this girl

    Sounds like his motivations are legit. You've probably known this guy longer than you've known the girl, but you're trusting her more? What does he stand to gain by lying about it? Seems like he's just watching your back, it's up to you whether you take his advice or not though.

    It's the fact that he threatened to stop talking to you that seems odd to me. If he has heard bad things about this girl, then regardless of whether they're true or not you can't blame him as a friend for trying to warn you, but if you decide not to take that advice, then it's your choice and your relationship - he isn't affected, so why is he angry enough to throw his toys out of the pram over it? I guess there's something more to this because he seems to have an interest in you not dating her beyond trying to warn you about her not making a good partner for you.

    If I was going to warn a friend about something and they decided not to take my advice, I'd let them make (what I considered to be) their own mistakes. I think my friends would do the same for me. If a friend got angry at me over me making a personal decision that didn't affect him, I would immediately suspect that he has some deeper involvement in the issue.

    Who do you trust more? You don't know what happened in her past relationship with the guy and who cheated on whom so we cannot judge from past experiences. so take it slow and easy and don't rush. get to know her more and if you trust her than go with that and dont listen to people who say against that. People have a habit of pulling others down. Maybe his relationship with his fiancee is going through a rough patch and he is jealous of your happy relationship. Maybe he feels like she is taking you away from him

    He sounds like a d1ck. If it was something real then he would tell you. Ring her first and tell her whats happened and to ignore any calls or texts from your 'friend'.

    I'd expect this kinda thing from two kids, not 22 year olds!
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Updated: April 8, 2012
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