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What is the difference between ANALYSE and EVALUATE?! and Watch

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    I am doing Gov Pol AS

    Could someone tell me how different is an ANALYSE question from EVALUATE question. I mean in what ways do the answers differ?

    thank you very much

    I think they would both be pretty similar in how you answer them, to be honest. Can't see much of a difference between the two words. Can you give an example of the question for each?

    analyse is when you make a point, evidence the links between each point and how they link together to lead to the outcome

    For example, Analyse the notion of Parliamentary Government. ---- This is the basis of the UK political system where in the members of the government; the executive, have seats in the House of Commons, this extends to the Cabinet and the Prime minister, who must contest for a parliamentary seat in any constituency in the UK. This gives them elected or legal consent to take political decisionsssss blaahhhh and you know the rest.

    HOWEVER< is the keyword for evaluation
    BECAUSE evaluation is a discussion of how effective or significant it is. eval is about looking at the advantages and disadvantages of an argument and seeing how significant a reason it is.
    that is why it is only in the 25+ marker questions. you make a point, analyse it, and then look at the context and whether it is a strong reason in relation to the question

    FOR EXAMPLE-- to what extent is the PM Limited by government, answer would be one way in which he is, is by his cabinet, analyse by explaining primus inter pares and how collective responsibility will stop PM from becoming dominant and going against his ministers who are in turn responsible for their respective departments and the pm will actually try to bring consensus.. etc BUT THE EVALUATION is, in the uk has thins changed?, well yes it has because it is not effective anymore because media and polls etc have very much shifted the focus much towards two main figues in politics, the PM and Chancellor ( and to some extent, their shadow counter parts... but thats not the question. you can eval further by saying that in the uk the party politics nature of the democtratic process mean that the people focus more towards the top of the ladder, ie, the Cameron and the Osborne, meaning that PM can actually sideline his peers in cabinet as he has more charismatic ability to his people, the electorate. then add examples like thatcher, and poll tax, but more contemporary examples like EU and cameron or NHS reform, which have become adversarial within cabinet
    hope this helps mate, it helped me while i was writing it hahaa
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