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    Minimum requirements to apply for a graduate job or vacation programme state :

    Our Requirements As a general rule, you'll be expected to meet the following requirements:
    - Minimum grade B GCSE* Maths
    - Minimum grade B GCSE* English
    - Minimum of 320 UCAS Tariff points (or 26 UCAS points)
    - Minimum 2:1 degree in any discipline.
    - Please note, that we only consider a candidate's 'top' 3 A-level grades and do not accept General Studies.

    I will be a graduate obtaining a minimum 2:1 degree and hold the GCSE requirements; however I do not have any UCAS points.

    This is due to completing the AAT course, rather than the traditional A level route. This also let me gain 4 years work experience.

    Entry requirements for university stated a minimum of 300 UCAS points, but due to holding the AAT course I was accepted directly onto the second year of a degree in Accountancy & Finance.

    Based on this information, would I still be eligible to apply?

    Good afternoon,

    Thank you for your question.

    We would advise candidates who have completed professional examinations to always confirm this on their application forms. Although we ask for UCAS points, we also accept equivalent qualifications so please detail qualifications to date when you submit an application.

    I hope this helps?

    All the best,

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    I was just a bit wary as I wasn't sure if the AAT qualification would be counted as an equivalent.

    Just for clarification, are you saying i can apply as long as I state the professional qualifications I hold?

    Thank you for your reply,


    Hi Duane,

    Thanks again for your question.

    Anyone is eligible to apply for a position at KPMG; it is the choice of the individual whether or not to submit an application. All applications are screened by a member of our Graduate Recruitment team who will make a decision whether or not to progress a candidate to the next stage of our process based on our minimum requirements.

    UCAS do not have a natural conversion for AAT. Level 3 is equivalent to approximately 160 UCAS. points. The equivalent of 320 UCAS points must be met; this does not need to be exclusively be made up through A-levels.‎
    Good luck!


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Updated: April 13, 2012
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