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    I'm currently in first year studying Mental Health Nursing in QUB. I'm really lucky I'm in the course and really happy. I feel though I have chose the wrong branch for me (Mental Health) and I have an interview next week with the course coordinator to see if I can change to adult nursing.

    I'm sort of freaking out about going as I have a lot of different reasons why I want to change, some personal, some to do with my own career progression.

    I was wondering does anyone have any idea what kind of questions they would ask me? Or even how can I get my feelings and views across without seeming like I'm an ungrateful or like I'm slating a great field of nursing. They only let you change if you have good reason, I wish I had something I could read or something that would prepare me.

    Any help or insight would be great!

    Sorry to hear this. They're obviously going to ask why the change? What makes you think you'd be happy as an adult nurse? What could you get out of adult nursing that you can't in mental health nursing? Why did you believe you wanted to be a mental health nurse previously, and why do you not now? If it was me, I would just write every single reason down to help you get your points across more clearer. It's hard to say, because I don't know what your reasons are. I can imagen, if I changed nursing branches (from LD to adult), my reasons could be that I think theres more career opportunities within adult, I think I would enjoy more of the clinical side. Have you been on a ward placement yet? You could say how much you've enjoyed it and would like to progress with that side of nursing more.
    You could explain how you are a very empathetic person (i'm guessing), which is what made you suitable for MH, but the practical side of adult nursing appeals more, and what you've learnt already hasn't been to waste because the skills are transferable and would be valued in other branches of nursing.
    I don't know if I've helped atall. I'm just babbling lol. Hope it all works out for you I'm here for a big babble if you need it!!
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    Thank-you for this! Its really helpful to get someone else's perspective

    I've been on 2 mental health placements and one adult one and exactly what your saying is true, its the more practical elements that appeal to me and the greater flexibility in terms of career choice. I really enjoy learning about physical diseases i.e. asthma, diabetes, cytology and I would perhaps like to work in areas like this. I was talking to a recent graduate and she was telling me of her work in a transplant ward and its sounded amazing.

    Your babble is appreciated! You really helped

    (Original post by Perdita88)

    I feel though I have chose the wrong branch for me (Mental Health) and I have an interview next week with the course coordinator to see if I can change to adult nursing.
    Hi! I know it's been a while since you posted this, but could you tell me how your interview went? I'm in the same situation as you but want to change from child branch to adult

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Updated: June 21, 2013
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