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    I'm just considering different careers I could do after my Psychology degree, one of them I have thought of is counselling. I've come across a Counselling and Psychotherapy course at my uni but it's confusing me - the MA is for registered professionals 'The MA programme at LJMU is specifically designed for practitioner researchers.', and the other is a PG Dip which is part-time for two years. But I still get the impression you already have to be working in counselling to do this course, although I know someone who has just completed an Outdoor Education Course and has been accepted onto the PG Dip.

    In the PG Dip entry requirements it says 'An appropriate prior training in counselling skills such as an intermediate, one year Certificate in Counselling Skills. '. I don't understand this? Does this mean I have to have my degree plus some certificate in counselling to get onto this?

    Does anyone know of any postgraduate counselling courses that you can go into straight after Psychology?


    Last year I applied to LJMU and the basically you do the two-year diploma and after that can apply for the masters year - it may have changed since then though.
    I did a one-year certificate at a college and these are required for a lot of training courses, or at least a short introductory course - have a look at your local colleges because most do some sort of counselling course.
    The entry requirements mean that they want someone who has experience of counselling skills, although you could contact them and ask if this is essential, or if relevant work experience counts instead.
    Have a look at - be aware that there are different approaches to counselling, so look into them and decide which you think will suit you best.
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Updated: April 24, 2012
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