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What supplements do you use?


    (Original post by ch0c0h01ic)
    It is pretty futile cutting weight (and losing some muscle in the process) only to bulk up, gain some fat and then have to cut again in the future. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

    As for cutting fat the most important factor is a calorie controlled diet. Cutting carbohydrates can help, but largely only in so much as it helps to reduce overall calorific intake. If you cut other sources of calories it would confer a similar effect.
    Not really. Many people have cut their BF% first then bulked without putting on much BF again. If your bulking period is a relatively clean one, you're not going to put on much BF if any.

    Personally I use whey protein and creatine. They're the only two supplements that really help for muscle building (don't know about fat loss, sorry there).

    Why is everyone posting about Myprotein there are other suppliers
    like Pro-10
    Iron science etc

    what up I used to use Mp but service is bad so i shifted

    My protein actually produce a good product...lots of companies just put sugar and carbs in their protein including companies you listed.

    My protein and maxiraw are very good products and cheap
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Updated: May 3, 2012
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