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Four things that unis think matter more than league tables 08-12-2016

    atmosphere! love those beats

    chase and status - end credits.. gets me going so much!

    They used to play this in my schooll gym. So good


    the libertines - don't look back into the sun
    chase and status - blind faith
    the ceasors - jerk it out
    the fratellis - flathead
    britney spears - toy soldier
    the veronicas - take me on the floor
    mayday parade - when i grow up
    red hot chilli peppers - can't stop
    3oh!3 - hey
    the wombats - kill the director
    the verve - bitter sweet symphony
    rihanna - where have you been
    wheezer - memories
    the killers - mr brightside
    ke$ha - blow
    lady gaga - americano
    robert randoph - ain't nothing wrong with that
    bryan adams - run to you
    the vaccines - norgaard

    taken from my playlist!

    Asher Roth. The usual stuff (Hacktivist, La Coka Nostra, dubstep and Young Guns) is too aggressive to run to and focus on form.

    Artist: Alex Clare

    Album: The lateness of the hour

    Really good music while training!!


    (Original post by Lara C.)
    Again (Central Seven Remix) 6:23 Kim Leoni
    Akcent - Kylie 4:07
    Around the World/ Harder Better Faster Stronger 5:26 Stalephish
    Avalon (Original Mix) 7:08 Juliet new
    Baby When The Light (David Guetta And Fred Rister Rmx Edit) 3:25 David Guetta Baby When The Light CDM
    Be Still 3:09 Cascade
    Beatfreakz - Somebodys Watching Me (Hi Tack Radio Edit) 2:43
    Bigger Than Big 3:04 Super Mal Featuring Luciana
    Boogie 2Nite (Crushed DB BLVD Mix) 2:48 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    Borderline 3:14 Various Clubmix 2007
    Catch You 3:18 Sophie Ellis Bextor
    Changes 4:13 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    The Cure & The Cause 3:45 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    Daft Punk - Aerodynamic 3:28
    Danzel - Pump It Up (Jerry Ro 3:46 Ministry of Sound (CD Series) Clubber`s Guide To 2005
    David Guetta - Love Is Gone 3:18 David Guetta & Joachim Garraud
    Easy (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Mix) 4:38 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    Elektro 3:21 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    Faster Kill Pussycat 4:04 Various Clubmix 2007
    From paris to berlin 3:32 Infernal frenche
    Gigi D'Agastino vs. Jason Nevins- Il 5:16
    Gotta Move (Original Mix) 5:47 Turbofunk
    Groove Armada - I See You Baby Shakin That Ass 4:04 frenche
    Groove Armada - Tomb Raider Soundtra 7:00 Groove Armada
    Herd & Fitz - I Just Can't Get Enoug 3:28 good
    I'll Be Ready 2:48 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    I like it 3:07 Narcotic trust
    I Won't Be Crying 3:30 Infernal I Won't Be Crying WEB
    In My Arms 5:50 Mylo BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Disc 2
    Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby 3:22
    Like A Pen 6:13 The Knife Silent Shout
    Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb Mix) 6:58 Utah Saints
    Love Dont Let Me Go (Walking Away) 3:49 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    MOS - The Ibiza Annual 2006 - CD 1 1:17:52 MOS - The Ibiza Annual 2006 {Ripped by Thoroughbred} MOS - The Ibiza Annual 2006
    Must Be Dreaming 4:02 Frou Frou Details
    Mylo - In Your Arms 3:00 Ministry of Sound (CD Series) The Annual 2006
    Promiscuous (Ralphi Rosario Mix) 3:14 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    Put Them Up 3:30 Edun Remixland 2006 Vol. 2
    ride a white horse 4:32 Goldfrapp Supernature
    Rihanna - Umbrella ft. Jay-Z 1 4:19
    Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) 3:19 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack 4:14 Radiohead new
    Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U) 5:20 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    Self Control 2:14 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    Since You Been Gone 2:56 Various Clubmix 2007
    Sneakerz 09-Erick E - The Beat Is Rocking 3:46
    Somebody's Watching Me 3:28 Various Clubmix 2007
    Stoned In Love 3:43 Various Clubmix 2007
    Super Freak 3:23 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)
    Tom Novy - Your Body (Andy Va 7:30 Ministry of Sound (CD Series) The Annual 2006
    Toxic 3:20 Various Artists The R&B Yearbook 2006 [Disc 1]
    Uniting Nations - Out Of Touc 3:08 Ministry of Sound (CD Series) Clubber`s Guide To 2005
    Walking Away (Tocadisco Remix) (Great Stuff) 6:54 The Egg Essential Tunes
    Watching You 3:28 Rogue Traders Here Come The Drums
    Waterman 7:36 Olav Basoski good
    What You Waiting For? (Radio Rip) 3:42 Gwen Stefani Star 98.7 Radio Rip
    White Lies (Radio Edit) 3:16 Paul Van Dyk Feat Jessica Sutt White Lies
    Yeah Yeah 5:07 Various Artists Clubmix 2007 (Disc 1)

    Grove armada are awesome!!

    listen to this:


    I usually don't listen to dubstep but when I workout it's either that or any electro-house music.

    This is a really good motivator when you're in the last few minutes on the treadmill and you feel like pressing the stop button


    Type steadymix 130 for 60 into google. Then click the first link. It has amazing free playlists. My current fave is 'Stronger'

    Mainly folk/viking metal:

    This is also great though.

    Playlist at the moment consists of:

    Metrik - Red Planet
    Pendulum - Axle Grinder
    The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
    Chase & Status - End Credits
    Loadstar - Hit The Ground
    Knife Party - Tournique
    Nero - Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)
    Nero - Doomsday
    Netsky - Iron Heart
    Tempa T - Next Hype
    Rusko - Somebody To Love (Skream Remix)


    This kept me going the past few days on the treadmill. Think it's going to be popular song this summer.


    Most hardcore workout song!

    The Prodigy make great workout music. Pretty much any album of theirs can work.

    I also like listening to Daft Punk's Alive album and the soundtrack Mirror's Edge when I go to the gym.

    I'm into a phase now where Japanese rock (J-Rock) gets me pumped up

    I frequently listen to breaking benjamin, they have a lot of pump-up songs.

    Blow me away

    Also some Three Days Grace

    I have hundreds of songs on my mp3, these are just a few examples of the type of music I like. I also have the braveheart theme! that movie would pump anyone up for action! haha


    Deadmau5 - Strobe is a favourite. When I was trying for a new PB in press-ups, I timed it so it dropped when I knew I would get really sore. Worked a treat

    Coldplay ft Rihanna - Princess of China is totally gonna be included in my running playlist!

    Yes! YEEEES!

    This always pumps me up, also Zyzz' one of the top songs
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