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    I'm pretty sure I'm going to put Brunel politics as my firm choice.
    My offer is BBB however I have a feeling I may come out with BBC instead. I hear that sometimes Universities can make exceptions and allow people who have just missed their grade requirements. I was just wondering if anyone knew how likely it was that I'd still have a chance of getting in with BBC instead of BBB. I'll also have an EPQ at grade C/B. Thanks guys.

    You can check UniStats website to get this information for an individual course. In general, the number of UCAS points that first year students achieved by the time that they started the course were 280 (approximately BBC). However, I must emphasise that Brunel raised its entry requirements on many courses this year because of increasing demand. So, unfortunately, I do not know whether this may affect your particular course.

    I needed BBC for Econ back in 2009, but got in with CCC. Sad times.

    Hi mate,
    Im doing biomedical science so Im in the same school as politics (Health and Social Science) and they are known to be tight arses when it comes to entry grades but i suppose it all goes down to how many people meet their offers on result day and also how well IB results go as well as its these that ultimately decide how much leeway the uni can give alevel candidates!

    I am doing Financial Computing, 97% of the course came from clearing.
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Updated: May 6, 2012
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