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First time applying for a job.. Watch

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    So, I'm 15 years old, in Year 10 and I've been looking for a job for a little while now, but I didn't know where to look.

    A large-chain pet store is opening nearby and they're recruiting staff for their new store, so I've figured I should apply for a job there. Seeing as I'm only 15, I understand that I wont be getting a particularly exciting job, but all I really want is something small like shelf stacking, or even cage cleaning, for a coupple extra pounds in my pocket.

    The problem, however, is that the store's website is only showing important titles such as Manager, and not after school and saturday shelf stacker/cage cleaner or whatever it is they have to offer for someone my age. So I was planning on writing an email to them as there is no other way to contact them, seeing as the store hasn't even opened yet. But going about this is proving difficult as I don't have a clue what to put in the email. Do I need to include my CV? How do you make a CV?

    It's all rather confusing, so I was wondering if you had any tips or suggestions or anything for me, to help me get the job - or even a suggestion for something else I can do/apply for if you don't think it's worth me asking.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Hmmm usually for a store that hasn't opened yet they include an email address to send a CV and/or cover letter to either on the website, at nearby branches of the store or on the unfinished store, ie. on windows or boards covering windows etc. Maybe they are waiting to recruit managers first before they turn to sales staff. If you have the email address, then of course send your CV to them.

    Yes you will need a CV, everybody does no matter how small the role. Bear in mind that retail in general won't hire people under 16. There are a number of reasons; the main ones being that the hours you can work are seriously restricted by law, you can't work past a certain time also, your availability is restricted by school as opposed to a generally more forgiving uni schedule, and you need more rest breaks. In short, easier to hire someone older. Now a pet store might be more forgiving, palces like garden cenrtres often are so hopefully you'll be lucky, but the fact that it's a chain might make it more strict. Worth a shot.

    Look up CV templates first and then give yours a go. As you're so young, people will know your CV is going to be pretty bare, so don't be afraid of that. You start off as always with personal details. Name, address, telephone number, mobile number, email address. Not all in one line, have one line for each detail. So beneath Curriculm Vitae you'll have a smaller heading called personal details. Now make sure your email is sensible and isn't something like [email protected]. If you don't have a sensible one like [email protected] then create one.

    Below that will be education. As you're still young, include your primary school and current school, with your current school being first. Include the adresses of both and years attended. For current school if you started in 2009 then put 2009- present. Under this you'll have examinations. If you haven't done GCSE's yet, list the subjects you will be doing and at what level. Don't create a table for it, just put them one line each with the level of each on the same line. And put when they will be taken at the top. If you do have them then list your grades beside the level of each. When you're older and have a degree and a few jobs there's no need for this, you'll just have your a-level results all in one line, no AS or GCSE and no listing of primary school. But when you're 15 it's absolutely fine.

    If you have no work experience at all (even helping a relative for a summer or anything) then create a personal profile. In this you'll blab on about your skills. Things like being on a sports team or doing a group project or being involved in a community project- these things are all worth going on about. They show skills retail employers are looking for. if you have work experience then name the place, the time period the job covered, your job title, and your main duties.

    Include a skills section if you don't have a personal profile. IT skills are especially good to have, for example things like word, excel, powerpoint and the internet.

    Your interests section should be very brief. Do NOT put socialising! If you're into sports put them down. Fashion, walking, reading, film are all okay also.

    At the bottom put down references available on request. Nobody will expect two previous employers. See if you can line up a year head or tutor in school to act as one and maybe a family friend for the other. They have to be able to provide a character reference without being related to you, that's all.

    Use a nice sensible font. try to avoid times new roman, it's so common. Arial or Callibri are good. Have the heading at the top and the sub-headings in bold or underlined. Make your margins slightly wider than normal to enable an employer to write comments in it at a later date, but not so wide that it's obvious you're just trying to fill the page up. When you're listing schools or jobs, make sure they're in descending oder, most recent first. You can choose to have your personal profile before education and not after it if you want. It's not strictly neccessary, but it's a good idea when you don't have a bunch of work experience.

    This will all make sense once you see a CV template. Try to get ones geared towards people your age. Most will have work experience before education, which is the sensible thing to do once you're out of education a good few years but right now education should be first. Get an adult to proof-read it and to make sure it makes sense. Another good idea is to stick it in the CV help forum here once you have it put together. It's private so no need to worry about that.
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    (Original post by StarsAreFixed)
    Hmmm usually for a store that hasn't opened yet they include an email address to send a CV and/or cover letter to either on the website, at nearby branches of the store or on the unfinished store, ie. on windows or boards covering windows etc. Maybe they are waiting to recruit managers first before they turn to sales staff. If you....
    Thank you very, very much! I'll write up a CV, and post it in the CV forum here and then email it to Pets at Home!

    Thank you! x

    Well done you on trying to get a job now, it'll look really good for future jobs :-)

    You come across as intelligent and eager on here so write a CV and a cover letter in that style and it should give you a good chance at getting a job!

    This is a good example of a CV LAYOUT
    But I would do the headings differently. I'd do 'personal information', 'profile', 'education' then 'hobbies'. I know you won't have much to put on but maybe you have a predicted grade for your GCSEs or you could write 'consistantly achieving B grades'

    This is how I would write your cover letter:

    Dear ...(it looks good if you find out who the manager is and then address it to them. If not "sir/madam" will do)

    I understand that there may be a part time position at the store and would like to submit my candidacy. I would like to work on (Saturdays/ 2 evenings a week -whenever you want to). I am currently studying for my GCSEs and would love a part-time job to gain experience and help broaden my employment opportunities after completing school (shows you're thinking about your future)

    Although I do not have experience working in a pet store, I *insert any previous work experience or roles you play in school that show you're mature, willing, determined etc*. I feel I will approach any task given to me in a mature, efficient and enthusiastic manner.

    *Paragraph about your RELEVANT hobbies or skills and how they relate to the job.. If you have high level swimming certificates, say how this shows you are dedicated and hard working. If you've taught yourself to play an instrument or take lessons say this shows determination and perseverance. Maybe you like to draw, paint or garden, this shows patience. *

    I have attached my CV and look forward to your response.

    Yours sincerely
    *full name*

    That's only a rough outline for you but basically, you and they both know that the jobs you'll be doing won't be particularly taxing but you have to make it out like this is really important to you and you are very eager to get the job. NEVER mention that you want a job just for the money!!

    Here's some good words I found on the internet to put in a cover letter or CV:


    Good luck! If you don't succeed, please don't be disheartened, just try again and keep a smile on your face! When you hand in applications in future, go dressed nicely with a nice attitude so that they remember you.
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    Thank you very much I'll let you know how it goes x
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    When is it opening? If it's opening within the next couple of weeks, chances are they've already hired. But as the others have said, it might be that they haven't started hiring yet and if so, you'll probably see details around soon. RowingGoose has already provided an excellence post so I don't have anything else to add but 'good luck'
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