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Experiences/opinions on basic or ensuite accomodation? Watch

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    Just trying to decide which i want at elms at QUB, i mean its £16 difference but that's essentially the difference between me being sick in a bucket or a toilet when i'm hungover. Difficult choice eh.

    But yeah, what's everyones experiences?

    The ensuite buildings are generally nicer than the basic ones, not only do you get a bathroom, but the bedrooms are a good bit bigger as well. The only thing is, the bathrooms aren't that amazing. They're like an airplane toilet. with a shower.
    I was in basic, and it was fine. Sharing 2toilets and 2 showers between 11 people did sound a bit scary to start off with but it was fine. At least this year you can choose to be with all girls, might be a bit cleaner. LOL

    Ensuites are usually in newer/nicer buildings...from what I remember the most important thing is to make sure your shower curtain is INSIDE the shower or the whole room will flood and good luck shaving your legs if you're a girl because my shower was teeeeeny

    sorry for the late reply but I would advise you if you have applied to change to standard instead of ensuite. Firstly because the difference is 600 quid a year which is a lot of money for a student and all your getting for that is basically a toilet and shower 2 metres away from you instead of 5 lol. Last year I was in your position and couldn't decide but i'm glad I chose standard. You never have to que for a shower and toilet really as there is 3 of each between 12 people and everyone gets up at different times etc

    As for ensuites being in better buildings, none of the buildings in elms are bad, i lived in the oldest which was only built 20 years ago and it was fine.

    Good luck
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Updated: July 8, 2012
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