Is Reading Really a Dive? Please help me!

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    I live in Reading...sure there are some naff/dodgy parts, like all towns really, but generally it's not a bad place to live. I wouldn't say it's amaaaazing, but it's certainly not overly dangerous crime wise (unless you go looking for it really!) or anything to put you off studying in Reading.

    (Original post by MyJunkIsYou)

    It's by no means the best place in the world, but for a young person I think it's a pretty decent place to live.
    This guy has it right ^^
    It's not somewhere that I'd be happy walking around in the middle of the night, but then I wouldn't in any big city. I've never felt threatened during the day and the only contact I've really had with crime is people doing drugs down our street last year, but that didn't really affect me.

    (Original post by Alarae)
    Cheap accomodation, communal bathrooms (can get a wash basin in room for extra); Wessex.
    Do you have to pay extra for a wash basin in Wessex? I was here in first year and am living in Wessex again this year and I swear that all of the rooms have them. Unless there's some tucked away somewhere that I didn't know about. Should also mention that Wessex probably has the best reputation for going out, so if that's you're thing this is a good place to live, otherwise you might be better off choosing somewhere quieter.
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Updated: May 17, 2012
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