Health damage from leaded gasoline?

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    Hi, I was reading an article on the health affects of lead and how it can cause brain damage and all sorts of other horrible problems in people. I was also shocked to read that up until around the year 2000 in many part of Europe it was used in petrol!

    I made me wonder if this could have done damage to people living in areas where it was used. Myself I was fortunate to grow up in a remote part of Austria with few cars around and I also read that the use of leaded petrol had been phased out early and before I was born. I am very thankful for this. But I have family in the UK and also France where it seems it was not phased out until the year 2000!

    I really wonder if this exposure has done permanent harm to people growing up in these countries? Is it possible it could have and if so can it be repaired? I tried to google it but I could not find a whole lot. I found some articles saying that the phaseout has cut crime rates and made iq increase.

    Also in the mind 80s the level of lead in petrol was cut to 0.15/L, is this level low enough to cause harm? I have a cousin who was raised in London she was born in 1988. She is really smartest of all the people i know but I now wonder if her potential has been damaged due to the toxin in the environment. I feel really bad if this is the case .

    Sorry if these are stupid questions im just really interestd in this topic now and would very much appreciate some feedback.

    Thanks for readings
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    Wow, all those views and no reply. Some more info really put my mind at rest. Anyone know anywhere else i can post this where I might ahve more luck? Thans.

    I dom't think anyone claimed reducing the lead content was 'safe' at the time... Just that it was less harmful than the previous, higher level... Is that what you're asking?
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    (Original post by Joinedup)
    I dom't think anyone claimed reducing the lead content was 'safe' at the time... Just that it was less harmful than the previous, higher level... Is that what you're asking?
    Thanks for the reply. That is sort of what I'm asking. Does this mean everyone born before the year 2000 in large parts of Europe has been brain damaged?
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Updated: May 23, 2012
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