Differences between a stationary wave and a progressive wave?

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    State two differences between a stationary wave and a progressive wave in terms of the vibration of the particles.

    What exactly is it asking for, I just know that a stationary wave is formed by two progressive wave passing through each other.

    So it's essentially the difference between a transverse wave and a standing wave.

    Transverse waves oscillate perpendicular to the direction of their motion. Hmm..

    Standing waves do not transfer energy and they have fixed nodes and anti-nodes so particles only vibrate up and down between the nodes (Half a wavelength).

    Progressive wave- A wave that propagates transferring energy. Progressive wave can be either a transverse wave or longitudinal disturbance that carries energy Transverse wave are the vibration that travel perpendicular to the direction of propagation. For example if i move a string up and down (direction of propagation) the vibration are going to travel perpendicular to up and down (straight ahead). Longitudinal waves are vibration that travel in the direction of propagation (google it). Finally a standing wave is a wave that does not carry energy and my guide defines it as a progressive wave that is reflected off a boundary (now remember these do no transfer energy so this definition is dodgy.

    EDIT: oh so imagine it like this you have a string but one end is fixed, if i wobble the string up and down i am creating a progressive wave but that wave as it move towards the end of the string ... is reflected so the superimpose in some way or another. This is what you are asking to define
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Updated: May 24, 2012
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