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Huge post exam anti-climax

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    So basically my exams started a couple of weeks ago (AS Level) and tomorrow afternoon I have my last exam, which is Physics. Now the only thing that was getting me through my exams in the first place was the excitement that in two weeks I'd be free to do anything, and after a month of solid revising, with tomorrow being my last exam, I just don't feel any sort of excitement.

    Study leave at my school lasts until 20th June, meaning I pretty much have a month off school here, to do whatever I want. But that's the problem, I've got into such a habit of getting home from school, revising, having a break, revising more, then going to bed, that I just have no idea what to do after tomorrow. I can't do much with other people because most of my friends take further maths, and that exam is much later than my last one.

    So, any tips on how to get out of this slump? Or have any of you chaps been in the same situation?


    I'm in the same boat, to be honest as anti-social as this sounds I'm probably gonna spend my additional time after tomorrow catching up on shows I've missed for the past month or so, which I'm actually looking forward to. Additionally, I'm gonna start working out more often to kill time. Those are just suggestions, and may or may not suit you! But good luck with your exam tomorrow

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    I got that after exams last year and I know for certain that i get that after results, even if i've achieved better than expected. usually pass the time by reading books, watching films or attempting to get good at the guitar again before something or someone outside interests me enough to leave the house lol :P

    i really wish my last exam was tomorrow!! be happy that you dont have more exams coming up and that u know u have done all u can now and cant change anythin.

    Lucky you with no more exams! Hope they went well!

    I would recommend reading or watching a TV show or trying to do something which you've always wanted to do but never had the time to try it.

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Updated: May 27, 2012
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