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What do you coeliacs eat for breakfast? Watch

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    I have recently cut out gluten in my diet, and it has done wonders for my tummy, my sister and dad are coeliac, and although I tested negative in the blood test I feel loads better for having cut out gluten.

    The problem is though gluten free substitutes seem pathetically small, three times the price and always have a grainy texture to them that I just can't abide. At 6'4 I eat like a viking, and having cut out bread, pasta, bagels etc, am finding it a bit difficult.

    What do you guys have for breakfast? Any substitutes that taste good and dont cost the earth?

    Same for me. I had all the tests one could possibly have and nothing showed up. I cut out gluten (well all grains infact) and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

    I have a fry up each day for breakfast: Eggs, tomato, spinach. All rather cheap. I throw in some bacon if I have it.
    My breakfast dessert is yoghurt with stewed apple
    You don't really need to even eat 'breakfasty' things at breakfast. I had a home made oxtail soup for breakfast the other week. It ws so good!

    That's pretty much it. I am not sick of the fry up yet I am just wondeirng what will happen when the quality of the tomatoes decreases as a result of cold weather. I guess I could use canned.

    My mum's coeliac (I guess I might have it at some point or something), she gets loads of gluten free bread on prescription so toast and stuff mainly or gluten free cereal

    I'm not a coeliac, but find wheat really bloats me out or gives me stomach cramps or even constipation! So I now really limit how much wheat I have and feel so much better and the symptoms have gone. I know these arent exactly gluten freebut find these things are fine for me to eat:
    - Porridge
    - Yogurt
    - Gluten free crumpets
    - Cornflakes
    - And there a nice gluten free fibre flakes cereal in my local supermarket which is actually nice.

    I dont like any of the gluten free breads though!
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Updated: May 26, 2012
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