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First part time job and Personal Referee? Help a noob! Watch

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    Hi there. I'm a university student at the moment, and I've actually not had a fully paid part-time or full-time job before now(shocking I know, in this current day and age.) First and foremost, I know it's alot harder to get part-time job, especially one in retail and in a hotly contested city(Manchester.) Is it harder for someone with no experience such as myself to get a part-time job at my age(20)?

    Also, just filling out several applications and forms, and I realise that most of these applications ask for 2 references or referees, one being a recent employer or tutor(I've listed one of my lecturers, I don't think he actually likes me though) and the other being a personal referee. I'm kind of abit stumped on who to put for my personal referee seeing as I have already put a lecturer/tutor up as one. It's supposed to be someone who knows you pretty well, but not related to you in any sense. Now I don't have a work colleague because of my mentioned lack of experience, and I hardly think friends and family, no matter how educated and prestigious they are, could provide an unbiased or acceptable view of me in which the employers could think that I could indeed be a viable option.

    Anyhow, any help could be appreciated towards this utterly useless and clueless student. I am still living a little bubble, drifting towards my last year of university and trying not to think about the big bad world, and I really do think that this might be a step outside! :confused:
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    (Original post by michael_1407)
    Head of any student society you take part in? Volunteering leader? Another lecturer?

    You can ring up HR and ask, but you need to have specific options, don't just ask 'Who would you accept' you have to say, would you accept my XYZ?'.

    Have you done any extra activities outside your lectures and seminars at uni? You could use the head of a uni society, a karate teacher, a driving instructor, a scout master, someone you've babysat for etc.
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Updated: June 1, 2012
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