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So actually you cant lie..... Watch


    From what I've read it sounds kinda awful but I'd say U should just get on with it, who knows maybe if U don't have the disorder they will cancel your sessions but if U keep lying they might decide there is even something more wring with U.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Well if they call me a client then im telling them.
    Why would i be different in real life?
    So many people just have a problem with me. I dont get it, maybe everyone else is mentally unstable and im normality? Why am i not allowed to be as i want? If society sees you as abnormal. Thats on my record now forever.

    You don't even make sense.

    If your condition is genuinely as you make out here then it's completely understandable that people don't get you. How exactly do you expect to fit into a society that is built around the interaction of people when there's no understanding between you and others?
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I think that you seem like a nice person.
    So i will tell you. The uni had concerns, so they forced me to go and see a psychiatrist, who the came up with this. I think its because they dont know what to do with me, so they are just going to make up lies about me.
    Hmm, fair enough, well I stick to my original advice. It seems that the university want you to go, so assuming you want to continue at university, you may have to to satisfy them. However, making things up won't help you at all, if anything it may increase the amount of time in therapy you need to go to, as they will believe you have the problems the university think you have, and the ones you make up.

    Best thing is to go along, be honest and work with them, and then whoever is right, you or the university, they can become happy that you are 'ok', and you won't have EUPD as an active disorder on your medical record and so on. If they have lied about you, if you are honest then it will show they lied, if you lie you will be there longer.

    (Original post by M1011)
    Have you ever considered that you just need to get on with your life and chill out a bit?

    I don't mean to be harsh (I can sense the negs), but all these fancy names for different disorders are just labels. They don't mean anything really do they? Nobody was diagnosed with this condition a hundred years ago were they, but the world still turned and people got on with their lives. I often wonder if the culture we live in these days does more harm then good. It seems every other person has some sort of disorder, be it a learning disorder, personality disorder, emotional disorder, mental disorder etc. Perhaps labelling things helps people to deal with it, but perhaps it just gives people the impression that there actually is something wrong with them, as opposed to they just are who they are.

    Why is one person sensitive whereas another is emotionally unstable? Why is one person stupid and another dyslexic? Before someone points it out, I 100% understand that these are different things (no... I'm not saying dyslexic people are stupid!), but what I don't understand is why we as a society label certain differences as 'conditions' or 'disorders' (dyslexic) and others as normal traits (intelligence)? Bit off topic, but easier to make the comparison with that example IMO.

    Then again, I'm just giving an opinion with no in depth knowledge of any of the aforementioned conditions, so perhaps I'm talking crap. Just my thoughts on the matter anyway
    It is thought Winston Churhill had bi-polar for instance. Yes, we are able to diagnosis things, and treat them better, but this applies to the physical world as well. 200 years ago noone knew what cancer was, and may have blamed strange growths on God striking a person done - should people now just get on with their lives if someone close to them gets cancer, thinking God wants them dead, and the person not get as much treatment as they can.

    A disorder becomes such when it is affecting a persons life in a negative way, and so treatment or additional help can improve their life in some way. The aim of any help or treatment is to put people on an even ground, so they can have equal chances in the world, is that unfair?

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I dont want to be called a client. To me client means prostitute, if i got called a prostitute then i would show then exactly how emotionally unstable i could be!!

    But im not hurting anyone, the person who i supposedly offended convieniently had someone there all times whenever i was around. Interestingly immature dont you think especially for someone in their position.
    Most professions outside of healthcare have 'clients' ... and anyway surely 'client' in relation to prostitution involves those who 'use' the 'service' offered ...

    oddly enough your response to the answers to your question are what most health professionals would associate with someone with BPD/ EUPD ...

    i.e. the erroneous associations and the 'threat' of 'playing up' because you aren't getting what you exactly want .
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    So being a child basically? **** it im not going. I dont share "feelings" i like the way i think im not changing. Im not sitting with a therapist discussing how my parents would tell me to get over looking for a toy - thats from the mind website before anyone tells me thats crap.

    I just cant get my head round this. Its driving me insane!
    As for psychotic thoughts they can stick that aswell.

    Hm... Well, this is what I think:
    I understand that you're perfectly happy with the way you are, but maybe you don't realise the damage you are unintentionally doing to other people?
    You don't do anything strange really, you don't set out to upset/annoy/be difficult with people. All you're doing is behaving in ways that suit the situation and staying true to yourself. And yet you seem to have turbulent relationships with people and even your university is taking their side. You don't understand why, and you resent the fact that everyone just thinks it's something wrong with you that you have to fix - when really you never behaved in any way that wasn't appropriate to the situation as you saw it.

    If you're completely honest with the therapist/s, especially if there is group therapy with other people who definitely have problems, then they will be able to see that you are perfectly fine. If there are any problems with the way you relate to people though, the sooner you can address them the less impact they will have on your life... if people keep messing things up for you and treating you like this forever, how will you have a career? You need to be hired by and work with other people just like the people at university.

    I think you should definitely go, you have nothing to worry about and potentially a lot to gain. If you had a chance to find a way to still be fully 100% yourself but not have all this agro from other people not understanding you, wouldn't you take it? Because that's the thing, although they are 'personality disorders', treatment doesn't actually change the person's personality - they're still completely themselves, you can't take someone's personality from them by talking to them about life, relationships, feelings and so on.

    Good luck OP.
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Updated: June 10, 2012
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