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    I had a terrible urinary tract infection a few weeks ago, to the point of where I couldn't leave my room for days and cried in pain whenever I went to the toilet. I was literally urinating every 5 minutes. I went to the doctors and got some antibiotics, which helped but the symptoms keep coming back. I've noticed I've had to urinate much more frequently in the last few weeks and I've had a few moments where I thought I would wet myself, which is obviously very concerning!

    The problems down there aren't too bad today, but I've noticed a decrease in appetite in the last week. I get full much more easily recently, which is strange for me because everyone knows me for being an absolute pig! I've had no breakfast today and only just sat down for some lunch... I got half way through then felt very sick and had to walk off. Could this be related to the infection?

    Probably but if problems are carrying on, you really should go to see the GP. Pelvic floor exercises may help with the urgency but it really ought to be checked out - I speaketh as someone who's had multiple UTIs and probably permanent issues. Better to get it nipped in the bud now if you can x

    your loss of appetite could be down to stress and worry over your infection, but I'd get everything checked over with your GP as soon as you can.
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Updated: June 10, 2012
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