Edexcel GCSE MODULAR 5MB1H Higher Tier UNIT 1 Answers June 2012

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    I think the mark scheme got question 4 wrong. In the method it does :
    2x40.25 (2 adults)
    3x21.85 (3 children)
    =£147.05. BUT it should be £146.05.
    (2x40.25)+(3x21.85) = 146.05.
    146.05 x 0.75 = £109.54.
    Therefore the price of Seawagon is £109.54, not £110.29

    Hi is it possible to view the Linear Maths edexcel paper?

    (Original post by Kleenex)
    Hi if you dont mind can you plz give me an estimate for what the range for the scatter diagram estimation question will be i wrote 850 as i did my line of best fit from one corner to the other do you think i will get at least 1 mark for that?
    Hey, if you did a line of best fit which is fairly equal (like the same number of points on each side) and u read of ur line of best fit then you should get the marks the man thing is to read of ur line...
    Oh for the probability tree diagram, the p one (1-p) part b) I put pp, not p^2 ... But on the answer line I put pxp=.... pp do think that's right? As it said as an expression, and didn't specify you to simplify!!?!? X

    yahh 57/60!!! there are a few answers which are wrong on here?? i got the 2p-2p^2 wrong!!!
    lol i wrote 2-p^4

    I lost 2 marks for not comparing range!!!

    I think you got 8 wrong, if I'm wrong then can you explain how the mean can drop below the lowest? I thought it always had to be higher than lowest but lower than higher.

    Thank you so much for uploading this. I was so nervous about what I was going to get. Looks like it's going to be good!

    I got 45 in this exam, what grade would it be... Need to know ASAP
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Updated: February 13, 2013
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