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BA Hons Social Work as a Specialism for Journalism?

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    I'm a 34 year old male IT specialist, planning to enter university education for the first time in 2013. I'm doing an Access to HE course this September in Scotland.

    I have two strong interests:

    - Social work. It's a good fit for my personal values and aptitudes and I'm attracted by the vocational nature of the course (good job prospects in Scotland). Especially as I'll be getting on for 40 when I graduate.

    - Broadcast journalism. I have a dream to work in news or documentary at a national channel or large production studio. But, I'm really concerned about doing the BA in Broadcast Journalism, and then trying to break into this notoriously competitive field with no backup job plan at the age of 40 (still young yes, but surely not ideal). I have *no* interest in working freelance (numerous years of that under my belt already in IT).

    So, I'm considering doing the BA in Social Work, so that I can get a solid job which interests me as a social worker, and then an accredited MA Broadcast Journalism giving me the option to try for jobs in that field too. I'm figuring this would give me an intriguing, practical journalistic specialism that would be highly relevant in modern day Britain, and a good job to fall back on if journalism doesn't work out.

    Sound crazy? Sound wise?

    Do you think a "vocational" (not purely academic like History or Politics) undergrad degree like this might disadvantage me in journalism?

    At 40 would I be overlooked by the broadcasters for entry level jobs?

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Updated: June 16, 2012
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