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sociology unit 2 gcse help Watch

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    hi guys i've got exam on wednesday and i need help on media so any good sites also if you could help me out on these questions pleaseeee!!!

    1) describe one way in which mass media has developed over 30 years and explain why this development has occured. (5marks)
    2) describe one change in the readership of newspapers and explain reasons behind this trend (5marks)

    3) discuss how far sociologists would agree that the media amplifies deviant behaviour (12marks)
    some key points or websites to help pleaseeeeeee
    thank you

    describe one way in which mass media has developed over 30 years and explain why this development has occured

    For the part in red, it is 2 marks, for the blue part is is worth 3 marks = adds up to 5 marks. here is an example

    One way in which the mass media has developed over 30 years is the immense development of media, we now have all forms of media on one medium. This is known as convergence. Modern convergence today include iPhones and mobile phones, we we used the mobile phone, for calling, taking pictures, browising on the internet, e-mailing, and watching our favourite shows. This developement has occured, because our modern reliance on technology has meant that people are looking for new discoveries to be made, which shows that their idea of 'the future being here today.'

    Glad I could help

    does anyone know how to set out the 12 mark questions: how much should you write. how many points for each side? shold you have a conclsion

    For the 12 mark question, start with:

    1. a brief introduction. Take the question, turn it into a sentence, and list the points you're gonna make.
    2. Start with one side. I would say that if you have time do 2 points per side, but 1 for each side is fine to be honest. The examiner can't really expect us to write that much in so little time.
    Make sure you do two sides because then you're guaranteed at least 6-7 marks!
    For each point, explain it, give an example, and refer back to the question.
    3. Do a conclusion. Pick one side and just link the ideas together if you can. Try to find a common theme too.

    Don't really worry about how much you should write, it doesn't have to be that long because we've got such short time. Just explain the point, give an example, and refer back to the question and you should be fine.

    If you'd like me to do an example, or show you an essay I got an A in then feel free to message me or just say on here and I'll be happy to do one for you. I would do one now but I have to be up early for a revision session in school so I'm off to bed. -_- Can't wait to get this exam over and done with!

    Oh and if this helps > it's a keyword list AQA put up with keywords that might come up. I'm just using this and finding definitions for revision.
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