Booking my driving test!

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    So, My instructor has said that I should book my test a month from now, so that gives me four weeks to get ready for test standard. I have a few things I would like advice:

    Is it genuinely hard?
    What is the best time to have your test?
    Is any manoeuvres more popular than the others?

    My driving itself is good, I can stop & start easy, the clutch control is getting there, Im understanding how roads work such as roundabouts and busy junctions, I understand what gears should be used when etc

    The only thing Im worried about is my manoeuvres, I can do three point turn easy, reversing around a corner is 60% I done one today on a extremley tight corner, which I sort of wiggled into, parking in a bay I would say is about 60% aswell but Im yet to do parallel parking but Im doing that on my next lesson & just getting to know the test routes.


    PS: Has anybody on here done their test in Newton Abbot, Devon? Thats where I am doing mine if so, what was yours like?

    The manoeuvre you do on your test is just luck of the draw. On my first test I had to do a bay park, which, as luck would have it, ended up being the best I'd ever done! Although I failed so obviously not so lucky. On my 2nd test (which I passed) I had to do a turn in the road/3 point turn ... Again, I just got lucky. Most likely would have failed if I'd had do do a 3PT... But now they're pretty easy

    The test isn't necessarily hard, it's just very odd to be driving with a complete stranger and being expected to drive as well as a 'qualified driver' should be.

    Try to book your test outside out rush hour, or avoid school hours. So 8.30-9.30 can be quite bad with the traffic. Same for the half 3 mark, and again at the 5-6pm rushhour. Know the area... Does it get busy around lunchtimes too? It will just mean that there are a lot fewer cars around, so less work on your part to avoid them all.

    The maneouvers just depend on the instructor and it's probably random. Just learn them all as well as you can, and hope for the best. I think I got parallel park and turn in the road - I found both to be quite easy. However, the instructor was fairly large, and my instructor's car has markings on the window for students to reference to when doing maneouvers, and I couldn't really see them. If it starts to go wrong, just abort the move and do it again. I did my parallel park twice because I made a bad approach into it.

    Yes one should be confidence enough to pass the driving test and follow the driving instructor.

    I would like to book my driving test very soon
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Updated: April 3, 2014
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