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Drinking Games


    Red or Black, however in my opinion it's the worst game ever created and is solely for the purpose of "10minutes before going out, drink as much as you can"

    3 rings of cards face down, the outer bigger than the middle and inner even smaller. Just guess what colour the card is going to be, if you're right you hand out as many drinks as on the card shown (Jack, hand out 11 shots (or gulps of your drink) etc.) If wrong, drink 11 shots. Middle circle x2 the card shown, inner x3.

    As you can imagine, getting king x3 (39 shots) wrong isn't great. And with people handing them out, you're often left with 44 shots or something stupid.

    It was funny in freshers and we actually drank the amounts given. How naive we were.

    Haven't played that game for ages, you can probably understand why... :puke:

    I have never is a classic....
    also tv drinking games....pick a show and make up rules
    e.g. Jeremy Kyle drinking games....drink whenever there's shouting, if Jeremy gets down on one knee, when someone is the father....

    Thanks for an awesome forum.I'm looking for some nice drinking games for the weekend where I'm having some guys over.so will u please help me.
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    Put Sharpe on. Have a shot ever time Sharpe says '[s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s]'.

    Put on LOTR, have a shot when:

    1. Close up of the ring
    2. Panoramic screen shot
    3. Merry & Pippin get up to shenanigans
    4. Frodo wanders off from the group
    5. Gandalf goes serious wizard
    6. Intimate moment between Frodo & Sam
    7. Legolas doesn't understand emotion
    8. Frodo looks like he's jizzed his pants
    9. Entire fellowship on screen
    10. Aragorn does something badass
    11. Legolas looks into the distance
    12. The ring is referred to as 'precious'

    Drink til you're in Middle Earth!

    David Attenborough is a favourite of mine...

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    well pre drinks in mine consist of

    Goal conceded=shot
    Ball goes out=drink
    yellow card= drink
    red= down it



    I am awful at cod, so i end up drinking like every 30 seconds. I get drunk at this stage

    Then kings aka ring of fire. By then your rightly on lol.

    21 is good to if loser has to take a mixed shot haha. So much on the line!

    Arrogance with a deck of cards, shuffle the deck of cards and draw the top card. Next person pours drink into a glass/jug and guesses if the next card will be higher or lower, if they're right it goes to the next person who pours some in and guesses, if they're wrong they have to finish the glass/jug of various things in one. Pretty fun.

    Take a shot each time Jamie uses one of the following:
    - Lemon/Orange (Zest or Juice)
    - Chili
    - Thyme/Rosemary/Oregano
    - Olive Oil (DO NOT attempt with hard liquor)

    (Original post by Norton1)
    I play a game on this forum where I take a shot every time I see a thread about Islam or how prestigious different Universities are.

    I don't remember what not being drunk is anymore.
    I'm surprised you managed to type that out so coherently :lol:
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Updated: June 28, 2012
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