What do you wear when you go to the gym?


    (Original post by HFerguson)
    converse trainers are great for lifting in... the hollister tshirt not so much
    Just did a little research, converses are good because they have flat soles?

    (Original post by Tahooper)
    Just did a little research, converses are good because they have flat soles?
    Yeah, and no air bubble thing/padding etc so they don't absorb as much weight when you initiate a deadlift or whatnot.

    Jogging bottoms (sweat pants) and a T-Shirt.

    A lot of people wear this combination, if you are a bit more muscular then you can change the T-shirt for a muscle vest, personal choice though, some people also prefer shorts.

    Whatever you feel comfortable in, it's personally up to you, no one is going to laugh at your clothes, they probably not even notice you are there, everyone focuses on their own workout. Although if you turn up in jeans and a shirt or something similar you might turn a few heads lol.

    Good luck

    I wear some cheap shorts and a t-shirt, according to my step-dad I look like a "dick" but ah well.

    Cotton tank top, and loose shorts. Tshirts are uncomfortable after a while, once you start to sweat.

    Anyone that dresses for style going to the gym, deserves to be bludgeoned with a barbell.
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Updated: July 3, 2012
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