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Why is 4th July a big deal? Watch


    (Original post by DYKWIA)
    That wasn't really imperialism, as the USA was trying to stabilize the Philippines and protect them somewhat from european imperialism as well as using them as a method of establishing trade with china.

    The south supported the continuation of slavery and wanted to destroy the north. Puerto Rico wanted to be a part of the USA for obvious reasons.

    i think there are people like that in most countries.
    oh it wasnt imperialism because it was different, thats your standard argument.
    The south wanted to leave the union and the north did not allow them ergo imperialism, fool.

    yeah they wanted to be part but they arent allowed to be a state are they? they are forced to remain inferior

    I imagine that they care more about it than we care about things like being free of the romans because it was a lot more recently than that? Plus it doesn't matter if there is a big reason for it its a reason to celebrate and a holiday I don't think to deeply about or care about the reason behind most of the holidays we celebrate.
    I celebrate easter and christmas based on the secular traditions even though I don't believe in god as do many people in the uk.
    how many people who celebrate halloween go to church the next day for all hallows day?
    who really cares about the reasoning behind bombfire night? its essentially a celebration of the execution of a man who failed in his plan to try and bring about religious freedom for catholics. I know I for one wouldn't consider that something worth celebrating if I actually thought about it on the day but I don't i just thinkg "5th of november.. bombfire and fireworks "

    edit: I don't think you should have negative feelings about them celebrating though, if its something that they still feel is worthy of celebration.. of even its just become a tradition which they enjoy that is only a good thing. Reasons for people to be happy, as long as they don't involve putting down or hurting other people, are a good thing. And although some silly children on CoD may have said some stupid things independence day as a whole is a day of celebrating america not hating Britain. No you shouldn't have to care about it but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't enjoy it.

    Honestly, I think most Americans don't celebrate the fourth of July as a day where we won independence from Britain. When someone says '4th of July' the typical American thinks 'that day we get to watch/blow off fireworks,' bbqs, no work, excessive red/white/blue, a day devoted to 'Mercia. If we're honest, it's mostly about the fireworks. Yeah, some Americans will revel about freedom, rights, or just about anything Americana.

    But really, it is about the fireworks.

    Personally, it's my least favorite American holiday. By now, I've already celebrated three other holidays with barbaques, and I feel like Memorial and Veterans Day are the more of the days where I reflect on my country, because both of my grandfathers were a part of Dday in WWII. Not to mention that when I was a child, firework displays gave me terrible panic attacks and I'd about pass out in fear. It took years to convince my family to leave me at home. Looks just as fine on the television anyways.

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    (Original post by Organ)
    And what is Britain?
    England, Scotland and Wales.

    (Original post by M4LLY)
    Its the day the US became a nation
    No it isn't. That's a myth.
    It (4th July) is just the day that celebrates becoming independent because people have come to believe that's the day the declaration was signed and that the declaration was the moment of independence.

    But Congress actually voted to approve a resolution of independence on 2nd july.

    The "declaration of independence" is an anouncement and explanation of the decision to become independent. (not the decision to or act of becoming independent)

    4th July was the day the final wording of the declaration was agreed and the date written on the final draft and the many copies made of it.

    50 of the signatories signed on 2nd August, 1 didn't sign till january 1777 and i'm not sure when the other 1 did.

    So the US became a nation on 2nd July 1776 the day congress voted on independence or even 1883/84 with the trety of paris. Probably 2nd july 76.

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    I don't see why it can't be. It's not quite as patriotic as everyone going "oh yeah! America! Freedom! yeah!!!" (I've never known anyone to say that in real life, tbh), but at the same time, I think it just brings out a lot of good memories for people. Almost everyone, no matter their religion, celebrates it, so you tend to remember celebrating with your friends and family. There are also the fun parades, ice cream socials, and things like that. And oh, waving the sparklers, having a barbecue with the family, and the fireworks. I guess if you want to be symbolic, it's the day America got its independence. But for the most part, I celebrate because it's a nice way to spend a summer day with everyone. Of course, that's not everyone's view, but that's just my take. :'D

    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    I don't get it.. there's probably occasions we could celebrate for example freedom from the romans etc.. It seems like the Americans make more of a fuss over it than they do memorial day?

    All i've seen today on various games and forums is Americans chanting USA. I even had an American flaming me on COD paraphrased: "How do you feel we kicked your ass ******"

    The day celebrates the US getting independance from the UK but I wouldn't have even remembered if it weren't for Christianlady on TSR.

    Anyway, brb going to celebrate how after we lost the USA we became the biggest empire in History. UK UK UK

    Ameicans- why do you care about the 4th July?
    Just remind them of what happened in 1812

    It's just a day to have fun and celebrate, of course it wouldn't mean anything to other countries. Why celebrate St Patricks/Georges Day, bonfire night, etc? It's a holiday, people enjoy getting together with friends and family, watching fireworks, having a laugh - what most holidays have become these days.
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