How can I cope with looking younger than my age? Does anyone else have this problem?


    (Original post by OddThings)
    You look about 19/20 to me. And rather cute too,if you don't mind my saying so
    I appreciate it! Thanks!

    May I offer you some very honest advice?

    What you have is a blessing, I have it too. Enjoy it while you can, becuase it will not last forever.

    One of my biggest regret in life (and I don't have many), is the fact that I was always trying to act and "be" older than my age. Looking back, I now feel that I've wasted so much of my youth doing that.

    Be happy with what you have now, especially because looking younger than you are is only a short term "problem" which turns in to a long long term blessing.

    (Original post by runtoyou)
    I'm 21, but I look about 14. I dress my age - wear mature, fitted clothes and make up, but no matter what I do I still look like a teen and people give me dirty looks because they think I'm a **** who's trying to look older than her age. Whenever I go to work people ask if I'm old enough to work here or treat me like I'm stupid. I want to have children in a couple of years but I know I'm going to get so many nasty looks and comments because people will think I'm a teen mum.

    So I went to the store the other day, to buy Boost Energy Drink.The lady at the counter said I looked too young and didn't let me buy it.I told her I'm 21 and she responded "You look under 16". Also, when I'm having a walk in the park people are always asking me "Shouldn't you be in school?"

    I have two sisters (the youngest being 15) but people always mistake me for being the youngest in the family.

    I'm getting really depressed about it. I'm happy with my body and I think I'm pretty, but I just look so young and I can hardly do anything without someone commenting on how young I look or thinking that I'm a kid. I just want to look like a woman :/ does anyone have any advice on how to cope with this?

    I look young because I'm short (5'1), skinny (weigh just over 7st and can't put on weight) and I have a round, baby face.

    My best friend has the same problem: she's 23 but people often think she's under 18. A few weeks ago she went to buy a DVD rated 15 and was asked for ID! But she's used to these things and isn't really bothered any more. I echo what others here have said: you'll get to appreciate it later on when other women your age are gonna look old and wrinkly while you stay young

    At least you'll look young when you're old! I know how you feel OP, I'm 18 and no one believes me!

    I don't have the problem, never did.

    Chole Smith (MP that was grilled by Jeremy Paxman the other week on Newsnight) and Katie Holmes still look teenagers almost.
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Updated: July 9, 2012
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