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    Hello everyone!!

    I recently had an interview @ hudds uni for this course and i loved it there despite many of my friends trying to dissuade me. I am hoping to put it as my firm choice. Are there any students out there doing this course? How do you find it? Any other information I should know about? I think about 3 of my friends are going to hudds as they have the same view as me about hudds - calm, supportive atmosphere.




    Have you heard back from Huddersfield yet?
    I have an interview there in April, I was wondering what the interview entails?
    I have posted on here, but nobody seems to respond the the Huddersfield posts lol!

    Hey, I applied to Huddersfield in January and still not heard anything back. How long did you have to wait until you heard anything?

    Hiya I have an interview coming up at Huddersfield have you already had yours?? I hope I do ok in it I don't know what to expect some other people say they got a pack for other universitys to help them prepare I just got a letter saying it was a four hour interview I am so nervous

    im doing operating department practice in september so very similar course my interview had a question that relates to the job role and you had to answer it in now more than 200 words and had some group work then individual interview, it didnt last for 4 hours at all x

    I got in yay it wasn't too bad and they were really friendly and relaxed I can't wait to start in sept hope some of the other girls got in too I got on really well with them all.

    i am nearing the end of my first year of Adult Nursing and i LOVE IT!!!!!!
    All the university tutors and mentors are really friendly and helpful. The course itself is really fun however the assignments are quite hard and you really need to dedicate yourself to achieve high grades.
    In the 1st year, there is 1 exam (Law and ethics) and there are various pieces of coursework throughout the year. You will also have skills labs where you learn the basics for when you start out on placement.

    For those who are going to be living in halls: make sure you stay either in Snow Island or Aspley as it is close to town for those 6.50am starts on placement.
    Huddersfield was my first choice of universities, although i was given unconditional offers from all 5 of my choices.


    If there are any questions, feel free to ask me on here, or inbox me.
    I would have replied sooner but i havent actually been on this forum for 11months. :P
    Katie xxx

    Hiya Katie

    Glad to hear your enjoying it I am sooooo excited to start I havn't officially got in yet as I have to go through clearing but they have sent off for all my CRB and references and have passed my health check so shouldn't be a problem fingers crossed anyway.

    My husbands cousins girlfriend is studying Childrens Nursing at Huddersfield she absolutely loves it. Seems like such a friendly place compared with some of the other ones that I have visited. I might see you around and good luck with the rest of your course. X
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Updated: August 15, 2012
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