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    Hey guys! I am just gunna come clean here, I can't run. I can just about do the 400m without stopping. Embarrassing right ? Basically, I have my black belt in November which, handily, includes a 2 mile run where you CAN'T stop. I would like to start running in the mornings, not just for black belt but I am really pushing myself over summer to tone up muscle wise and I do enjoy the freedom of exercise. Any tips for running would be useful, thanks in advance. ( when to go, eating before? What to eat as part of exercise diet, how far to run ect)

    C25K would be your best friend here.

    Go whenever you like. Many people like going in the mornings because it's a fresh start to the day, you don't have to think about it later in the day, some believe it helps with fat loss, etc., etc.

    If you want to eat before, go ahead. But make sure that whenever you do eat, you wait at least an hour. I once had horrible stitches when I was in the middle of my workout because I ate something about 10min prior to the workout. Some find that eating before running gives them more energy for the workout whilst others believe that not eating before will help them burn fat. I would say try both running before eating and running after and see which one you like and with which you have more energy to spend on your workout.

    What to eat is quite debatable. Some say on workout days you should eat more carbs, whilst others say eat more protein. It really depends on your goals, I say have a good balance of both. More carbs means more energy for the workout, whilst more protein can help with building and repairing muscle.

    I completely agree with trying C25K. When I started I couldn't even run 400m, and I was completely mortified about running outside because of it. But now I can run a lot further, and while I haven't managed a 5k just yet, I know I will get to that stage in the future.

    I like to go mid morning, a couple of hours after breakfast and just before lunch. But that's just personal preference; everyone has different ideas about when is best to run, and you should just keep trying different times to see which you prefer.

    I dream of being able to run 400m (without dying) :moon:

    Agree totally with C25K. The regime really helps you to build up your distance so that you can cope with it.
    Thanks to C25K, I can now run a mile without stopping. Aiming for 2 miles now
    On weekdays, I run after school to act as a stress-buster but on weekends I run in the mornings as it gives an energy boost. I guess it has to suit you and your current lifestyle.
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