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    Once someone has obtained a bachelors degree, they might want to carry on and study for a masters. However once someone has their masters can they still study a postgraduate certificate or diploma on the back of their bachelors or is it one postgraduate qual per bachelors?

    I know it is probably silly, why if you have a masters would you want to study an postgraduate certificate or diploma.

    Please hear me out, say for example you read History for your bachelors, then go on and do it for your masters. Then say some years later you're in a teaching role and you wish to further your career, the Open University offers postgraduate certificates and diplomas in education roles that may help your career, so would you be allowed to study them.

    Not would it be worth studying them, that doesn't really matter, but if you for some reason had your heart set on doing so, could you?

    I've not even started my undergraduate study yet, and not really looking at a career in education or anything, I'm just rather curious. I'm pretty sure you could do a PGCE and then later do a Masters, but i thought maybe that would be an exception since the PGCE is required for employment as a teacher.

    You can do as many masters and PhDs as you want to (providing you can afford the fees).

    Check out this guy - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-17929379

    Allowed yeah, but not necessarily funded.

    Can be done yes, really worth it no.
    If you are asking all these questions, it means you are not really that sure about what you want to do with your life...
    So unless you're loaded (in which case congrats to you :-)) or you are a Scot planning on doing their Bsc in Scotland (the government will pay for your tuition fees), I suggest you take some time and figure things out.
    If I sounded rude or abrupt, I apologise because that was not my intention. It's just that with tuition fees being £9000 per year now, you really have to think hard how you are gonna invest that kinda money and if you think that the degree you've chosen is the right path for you, go ahead :-)
    Otherwise stop for a second and think about the what you are doing

    Best of luck anyways :-)

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    I have been doing some volunteer work at a local museum and curator work seems appealing for one day in the future, the problem is i don't think I'll ever be happy just doing one thing, one job or career, i just like doing new stuff. I've put off going to Uni for years purely because i wondered whether or not it would be worth it if it limited my options, as it is i have been very fortunate to find myself in a situation where my full undergrad tuition fees will be covered otherwise I'd probably still be a bit skeptical about choosing just one thing to study. I've settled on a joint honours, But i think after 3 years in one place i will be itching to get out in the world again, so OU would be a far better option for any post grad study.

    I was just curious about how much play room i had with my education, the replies in this thread have been very helpful and thank you.
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Updated: July 23, 2012
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