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French and Spanish uni students!

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    Anyone done French and Spanish at any of the following uni's?
    St Andrews

    Which language did enjoy studying the most and why? (course content, teaching etc)
    Thank you, this info would be really helpful

    I study French and Spanish at Cambridge. The courses have a strong emphasis on literature (you can´t really avoid it if you study French). The language teaching is great, however i remeber in first year that you cover a LOT in a very short space of time - for me the pace was too fast, although this is the case for the majority of students here!
    Really good support and grants, and excellent Year Abroad support/help.

    I enjoy Spanish the most as the teachers are great/loco, I find the French department a little too serious. In truth I wish i´d have started another language ab initio instead of French, but ah well!


    I study French and Linguistics at Leeds. I can't speak for spanish, but I am absolutely loving French!

    The two core modules you take in first year at Leeds for french are Introduction to French studies - Resistance and Desire, and Language Awareness and Skills.

    The Introduction to french studies is basically a taster module of different subjects in french like literature, film, history, art etc. It's really varied and interesting, and helps you to decide which topics you wish to pursue, on the other hand it is quite frustrating as it jumps from one genre to another without really spending enough time on any one period or topic.

    Language awareness and skills is just basic conversation classes, grammar classes and grammar lectures, aimed to bring everyone to a similar level.

    First year French is really all about getting a taste for french studies and bringing your grammar up to scratch.

    To make the most of French at Leeds I would suggest you join the Leeds Uni Union French Society. it is a brilliant way to make friends, and they hold a variety of different events throughout the year.

    This is their official page: http://www.leedsuniversityunion.org....frenchsociety/

    and their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LeedsFrenchSoc

    Check them out It's how I made most of my closest friends in first year (I'm about to be a second year)

    Good luck for results!!!
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