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    I don't want to sound arrogant, but I have always been quite academic at school. my GCSE's range from B's to A*'s, but I want to be a make-up artist. I cant help but feel that i should want to be something more academic, like a Biologist. I still want to go to uni to study a BA hons in makeup and prosthetics for performance. what are people's views?:confused:

    Please just follow your heart and be what you want to be!

    Plus, makeup artistry looks awesome!

    I am in the same situation as you. I had always wanted to be a politician (since year 9) and had based all my GCSE and A level decisions around that. But it wasn't until I was half way through my politics exam in January that I realised politics was not what I wanted to do. I have always had an interest in make-up and realised that in fact this is what I want to do with my career choice.
    I'm looking to do makeup and prosthetics at AUCB and LCF; and although I may not have the relevant A level choices, I have a lot of relevant things to put in my personal statement.
    Where are you looking at going?

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    I am/was in exactly the same position - I got mostly A and A*'s and GCSE and took A-levels in Psychology, English Lit, Philosophy&Ethics and Physics before realizing around January that I didn't want a job in anything related to them - it was a shock because I'd always assumed I'd take a very academic course at uni but I realized that what i actually really loved was Make-up and hair and i wanted to do that as a career! I know it's really scary changing your mind and going against what everyone expects but I'm happier now knowing that I'm on a path that I'll enjoy! I want to get into either LCF or AUCB and at the moment i'm working my butt off to get a portfolio up to a good enough standard and I decided to take an EPQ (extended project qualification) doing makeup and hair to help build experience.
    Seriously do what you want to do not what other expect
    How are you doing with deciding uni's and getting a body or work together?

    Oh gosh! I'm not the only one
    I'm academic too
    Had 4 A*s 2 A's and 4 B's at GCSE
    In my second year of sixthform college
    Just applied to unis to do accounting and finance (Maths is my strongest subject)
    However I'm not enjoying this too much, though I'm good at this
    I'd like to work in the City in finance

    But my heart really lies with makeup...I'd like to learn more and do more, I've been wearing makeup for 5 years now (since the age of 13)
    Like most people, it's been a long way up but I feel I'm nearly there now, I'm constantly researching on products etc...
    People always compliment my makeup and ask what products I use and how I contour my face (some think I have a makeup artist who does my makeup :/)
    And this is what I enjoy and I'd love to be in this area of work!!!

    But I don't know how much it pays
    And the chances of me advancing in the industry
    My parents already said they won't back me if I go into this industry

    P.s... I worked at the Olympics and I've spend a good 200 pounds on new makeup products (waiting for my MAC brush set!)

    Oh and I do A level Maths, French and Accounting
    I did Economics as an AS

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