4 GCSE's for ICT?!

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    So i'm going into Y11 this coming september and have done units 22, 21, and now unit 1 (dont you usually start with 1 and go up? :confused: ) but i noticed that there are apparently 23 units to do and if you do all of them (apparently 360 hours) it is equivalent to 4 gcses, is this true? as i was never told about doing more than 1 gcse for ICT

    Alot of schools do this to make students pick ICT , it is NOT a GCSE, it is a BTEC.
    When applying to sixth-forms a majority of them will NOT count them as a GCSE.

    I speak from Experience, just do 1 of them and get a B+ , then leave it.

    Sixth forms and colleges won't count it as 4 separate GCSEs
    It doesn't make sense for subjects to do things like that, double awards tend to be reasonable, but with this you're hardly going to be doing the same amount of work as someone doing 4 GCSEs in separate subjects are you?

    You aren't going to do all the units nor do you have to to get the 4GCSE equivalence. However what you have done so far seems like an odd combination as those 3 units score you nothing at all. Do you know what units your teacher has planned for you next year. I can't believe that if all you have done to date is those 3 and you are heading into year 11 that you are going to be entered for more than the double award

    Ours was a 2 gcse's equivalent as the basic qualification and if you finished the units early you could do extra to get it up to the equivalent of 3 gcse's

    It was with OCR nationals as the exam board I think
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Updated: August 3, 2012
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