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Loving someone but hating what they did Watch

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    I was with a guy for a year and a half. He treated me really bad most of the time, i let it happen because i loved him a lot.

    Anyways we ended this year in like April time because he gave me the excuse that his dad had a bad dream about me (he's superstitious) and his dad wanted him to choose between him and me. He chose his dad which i respect and everything. Thing is that the whole dream thing was so stupid and superstitious it made me mad, as he didn't fight for me. When he claimed he loved me so much.

    Now he's moved on with some other girl, claiming her family love him and his love her. I've started to talk to someone new to try to move in and im liking the new guy but always think about this first guy everyday. He was my best friend before we were together. Is it weird for me to love him still but hate him too. I feel bad coz whenever he talks to me I'll call him a dick, and last time we spoke i just said don't talk to me out of respect for your new gf. Was this wrong?

    It's going to take some time to really get over someone that you loved, but you've really got to get yourself to move on as he has. He no longer has feelings for you and keeping yourself in love with him is only going to hurt you and others you may have a relationship with in the future.

    You should really think about taking complete space from him; don't text him or call him, have absolutely no contact and it may actually help.

    Good Luck!!

    I Think you did the right thing by saying you not talking to him out of respect for his gf. It is bloody hard getting over someone I still think of my ex everyday she's found someone new and has started giving me that friend hug lol it's hard but now you've got someone new in your life move on. And at this moment it's probably best to cut off communication with your ex and establish your relationship with this new guy. All the Best

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    Just be glad you don't have to be around him any more.
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Updated: November 6, 2012
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