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Any ideas to which case studies will appear on the physical geography paper 😨😨😨
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(Original post by Nathan.Calvert)
Any ideas to which case studies will appear on the physical geography paper 😨😨😨
im not sure what exam board you are doing :/ but for WJEC im doing WATER, TECTONICS and CLIMATE CHANGE for the physical side

here are the case studies i got:


Flooding and management - Boscastle (2004) and Bangladesh (yearly floods)
Living by a river landform and tourism - Niagara Falls


Volcano - mount St Helens, USA (1980) and mount Pinatubo, Phillipines (1991)
Earthquakes - Kobe, Japan (1995) and Izmit, Tukey (1999), if you forgot, just use Nepal which is a recent event in LEDC

Reasons for living by an Earthquake prone zone - California fault line
Reasons for living by a volcanic active zone - Mount st Helens


The main problem of climate change - Arctic
MEDC being affected by climate change - Netherlands and UK
LEDC being affected by climate change - Africa (name any country there) and Bangladesh

Managing climate change internationally and locally and individually - Kyoto protocol, Japan and Bedzed sustainable community, UK along with Boris bikes and congestion fees in London, Public transports and using electricity appropiately in a home

Disadvantages AND advantages of climate change on a country - the UK or France

Just for my revision purpose i'll list the human geography study cases too so you can ignore this part xD


International migration - Poland to UK (2005)
Rural to Urban - The UK (lets say somewhere in Wales to London) and Ghana or South Africa
Urban to Rural - Opposite as above

Decreasing population - China's one child policy (1979) and India's education for women along with sanitation and contraception and better health care.
Increasing population - Singapore 3 or more policy


Multinational company - Nestle, Apple, Primark
Trade between primary and manufactored products - LEDC, India and Kenya for primary products. UK and USA or Japan for manufactored products.
Trade - FairTrade
Benefits and problems of Globalisation on the world and some countries like - India (Coca Cola) and China (Mcdonalds)
Benefits and problems of braindrain (should be in population, not sure) - Africa to UK
Trading Blocs - EU


Development differences within one country - Ghana
Non government organisations NGOs - Oxfam, Save the children, water aid, Unicef
Development Africa - South Africa, Tanzania and Play pumps in Mozanbique
Development South Asia - India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan

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