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Is it a field worth considering if i am not amazingly good at the a level economics and maths
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(Original post by yoyoyo97)
Is it a field worth considering if i am not amazingly good at the a level economics and maths
You don’t have to be ‘amazingly’ good, but you probably would have to enjoy economics and be quite good at economics and maths. I don’t know what your definition of ‘amazingly good’ is, and how good you are at these subjects, but you can definitely get a place for economics with decent but not amazing grades.

It’s true that economics is a competitive course, so A-level grade offers tend to be relatively high for some unis.

Maths is required for a lot of economics degrees, but some do not require maths A-level, for example Royal Holloway will take an A in GCSE maths instead of maths A-level and make ABB offers. However there will be some maths, particularly with Bsc economics courses.

If you have strengths in other areas, you could look into joint honours courses (e.g. economics and politics) if you want courses that are less competitive than the main economics courses, which may suit your strengths more and probably have less maths.

Economics a-level often isn’t required, although many applicants will have it. What’s important is that you enjoy the subject, either inside or outside your school.

If you enjoy economics, its worth considering applying for sure (grades can always be worked on if necessary)

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