Arrow & Flash & Agents of shield are just so cliche/boring...But WHY?

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(Original post by bakedbeans247)
After watching shows like GOT, breaking bad, homeland, Daredevil etc, i just couldn't bare to watch them cw shows, too much cringe.Batman vs Superman, man of steel and the Netflix marvel series are so dam epic! Why can't those DC CW shows be like that? The CW Flash and Arrow are just so cliche/boring to watch...I mean come on, just the intros are so cheesy/cringe. Why do the writers do that? Imagine a Netflix version of Arrow or flash! That would be so epic!! Arrow's island story is so interesting and unique too. I enjoyed most of season 1 of arrow and the Eps with death stroke, but it's like the show is targeted for young teens (not as bad as supergirl though lool). 95% of the time know whats going to happen, the writing is such so that even the younger teens can understand and follow along and the seasons/ep's are just so repetitive, which again makes its so boring/bland. That's why i cant wait for this movie! Finally a new gd dc movie/show.kinda bored so thought i start some sorta thread/rant...anyone agree/disagree?

Nah the worst is Supergirl. They just gender reversed everyone (not a bad idea but they executed it horribly) and copied most things from Superman things. Borderline predictable.

Arrowverse and Maos were bound to have bad seasons. I think Maos is doing well to be honest (plus they are more joint with the MCU movies than the Netflix series so that could be a downfall for Maos)
Arrowverse is lacking but not too bad. Plus movies tend to be better because it has Batso and Supes.

You aren't enjoying the storylines. And P.S. every superhero item is always has something cliched

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