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Any advice for my spanish a2 exam?
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(Original post by nicole_little)
Any advice for my spanish a2 exam?
Hi! I'm also doing Spanish A2, exam tomorrow soooo, here's some advice:

Read everything, even if you think you have the gist of the sentence, read it just in case you have missed one important detail that would give you the right answer. When doing the readings, I recommend reading the questions first, so that you know what you're looking for, same goes for any listening questions where you have to pick out information based on a whole conversation

When doing the listenings, even if you think you have the right answer, listen to the whole phrase again, just to make sure

General Last Minute Revision:
Focus on vocab revision the day before the exam, specifically environment because those topics often have very specific vocab which isn't used in everyday language

For translations from Spanish to English, read the whole Spanish sentence first, there might be a weird structure which makes total sense in Spanish but none if translated the same in English, so make sure that you read the whole sentence first and then write it - it also saves time crossing out or adding in words you may have missed. Also, when you've finished the whole Spanish to English translation, read it to yourself, ensure it makes sense in English without changing any of the words too much so that it loses the meaning in Spanish

For translations from English to Spanish, check to see if there is a specific structure, for example, it might be an if clause or the subjunctive mood, just check to make sure so that you know you can follow it properly in Spanish. If you cannot think of a specific word for the life of you, find another way of saying it, even if it means reordering the whole sentence, at least you won't lose a mark for that. Also, make sure that accents are in the right place and the right tenses are being used, if it's future in English, find out whether it's immediate future or the more long term future (e.g. difference between voy a ir and iré). Also, again, if there is any specific vocab that can be used from the topics studied in the sentence PUT IT IN, they give us vocab lists for a reason, a lot of the vocab is from that list.

Hope this is useful, good luck to you!

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