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Best accommodation?????
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For first year campus accommodation is best. Try and get hope park. I was in Theresa and that was great because it was en-suite but it was also close to the bus routes and other side of the campus.
Liverpool Hope University
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(Original post by olllycheeseman)
Best accommodation?????
Hi olllycheeseman

Its important that you choose accommodation that you think will suit you best, here's a break down of all the accommodation at Liverpool Hope

Hope Park
Newman, Teresa, Wesley
The flats are arranged into rooms of five, all sharing a large kitchen and dining area, which is great for socialising! These are en-suite Halls.

Oscar Romero & Kitty Wilkinson
These are shared-facilities halls and are located by the clocktower. These flats are within a corridor and house 11/12 single bedrooms. Each flat has 3 bathrooms, one large kitchen and dining area and a lounge.

Josephine Bakhita & Catherine Booth
These are also shared-facilities located on the opposite side of the lawn to Oscar Romero & Kitty Wilkinson. These house slightly more students with 26 being on one corridor in a dormitory style. There are five bathrooms, four kitchens and a lounge area between each flat.

Angela & Austin
These halls are shared-facilities with 51 students spread across four floors in total per building. Each floor has approximately four bathrooms and two kitchens as well as a common room per block.
Although Hope Park isn't by the city centre there is a 24 hour bus that runs from the campus so you have the option to go in and out as you please!

Creative Campus
Gerard Manley Hopkins Hall
These halls have 188 rooms and is a modern purpose built hall situated in Angel Field, a landscaped garden surrounding the Cornerstone and Capstone Buildings. These are en-suite halls and have accessible rooms are available in these halls.
These halls are closet to the city centre being a 15 minute walk away

Josephine Butler Hall
These halls have 220 rooms in four blocks of purpose built accommodation. The flats are arranged into rooms of three to six, with each bedroom having its own en-suite and each flat shares a fully fitted kitchen/lounge area.

St Julie’s Halls
St Julie’s offers 207 rooms in flats of seven/eight rooms. Each flat shares two showers and toilets, plus a lounge and a fully equipped kitchen and dining area.
Again, Aigburth halls are pretty accessible into the city centre with regular metro links and bus links.

Hope this helps!
Ruth :macarena:

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