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    (Original post by NatashaLee)
    Yeah i think it's a good idea to stick to a petrol, i think diesels can be easier but im glad i didn't go for a diesel and stuck it out with the petrol. but thats good to hear And yeah i went shopping at the weekend then went to see some friends so took the car on a nice long journey, makes a change but it brought back how much i had missed my car : 0 haha i need to take it out more often

    See with having a box i do drive quite carefully which is good lol, my smoothness score is never 10 though but i think it's because of the revs in the corsa i used to get 10's in the old car so idk

    And yeah love my sat nav, they're so handy to have My car needs a wash but i just can't be bothered yet haha
    Yeah I'm definitely glad I did go with a petrol, managed to regain some of my old good habits in this car. Being an old 2000 1.4L it's still not going to be the smoothest ride in the world, but I suppose that only means if I get something newer in the future it'll feel a lot nicer and I'll be comfortable driving it.
    Ahh that sounds cool, sounds like the break in driving made you miss it and enjoy it more. Still haven't gone for a Pizza Hut in mine yet haha, my mate and his missus went the other day but I'd just eaten a big lunch so I didn't wanna go, bad timing...

    I still don't think I'd get a 10/10 in this car haha, I suppose most cars you use about 1000-1500 revs to get moving on flat ground but I find 2000 in this one much more comfortable, needs at least 3000 on a hill.
    Also noticed the reverse gear on my car is screwed. Sometimes it doesn't go in properly and grinds and I have to put it in neutral and back into reverse, and it really doesn't like you going high on the biting point, whenever I try to do so even on flat ground with 2000 revs is stalls. So if I'm reversing at any time I can only really bring the clutch up just so it hits the bite and no further, then any extra juice has to come from the gas pedal. Bit annoying but at least I know now, not as if I ever need to go that fast in reverse anyways.

    Got my sat nav this morning, just updating it and stuff now. Looks good
    I suppose the good thing about having a silver car is it doesn't look like it needs a good clean all that often, whereas my purpley-blue Corsa looked like it hadn't been washed for months every time it rained lol.
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