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Is 50 cent the best rapper ever Watch

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    (Original post by TheVth)
    Signed under Good Music :P
    I recommend checking his music if/when you have the time. You might enjoy it

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    Will do

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    (Original post by ZSHNZ)
    It's a pop song. Yes, it's a good song but not one for actual 50 Cent fans.

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    (Original post by ZSHNZ)
    You talk about 50 Cent and Ayo Technology was the song you mention? Smh

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    (Original post by ganjasaurus.)
    what do you guys think.

    To everyone
    here's why I said 50 is one of the greatest ever

    jay z- way too overrated. He was rubbish at the time 50 was at his peak. As 50 said why did he take a mini retirement.
    Ice cube- amazing but I don’t think he’s better
    dr dre- used to be amazing but he knew about the money in producing so went for that, respect
    ja rule- made a few hits
    big l - had the potential to be one of the best ever
    big pun- naa
    method man- good but naa
    André 3000-x
    eazy e- just find him annoying tbh. I know he’s good but its just my opinion
    The game – good but defo not better than 50
    Lil Wayne--ugggghhhh. one of the worst lyrically and the way he sounds. altough made SOME good songs like lollipop etc.

    yh yh yh--everyone can say krs one, rakim and lots of older rappers but how often can you personally listen to them.

    now to the ones I do consider the greatest ever

    biggie- great but personally I only like some songs.
    Tupac- one of my all time fav's.damn this guy was amazing.
    Nas- amazing rapper and storyteller
    dmx- also brilliant.
    Snoop dogg- love his albums
    Ice Cube- real good

    Eminem- one of the best right now. (he did try to copy nas at first ). Right now if u break it down he is superior to any rapper in every way.

    Immortal technique--my fav when it come to real 5h!t. Him and lowkey are too real. Because there true and do not follow mainstream they’ll never make it right to the top (debate this another time)

    drake, French Montana and meek mill are also good but I personally can never put any rapper after 2007 in my top 10. Hate to say it but I also do like rick Ross.

    50 is the best at dissing since some of the older rappers. One of the best gangster rappers because he literally finished careers. Made clubs go mad. Stayed true to himself (about 95 %). Rick Ross only has a rap career as nobody cares about realness no more.
    I love some of these conclusions

    "Big Pun - naaaah"

    In short, the answer to your question is no, no he is not, nowhere near by any objective standpoint

    Cheers for coming though

    No definetly not I think Andre 3000 is one of the best rappers along with Kendrick Lamar; probably my favourite album of last year. 50 cent is just irritating he prefers to constantly diss everyone rather than actually rapping well.

    I also have a soft spot for TI, I can't help it!

    thesciencesoffashion.blogspot.co .uk
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