GCSE Results: Post your GCSE results! 25th August 2016


    (Original post by Creamystudies)
    Oh my flavour, that's really good.
    hey creamy studies its lopes123, well done I'm soooooo proud.

    (Original post by lopes123)
    hey creamy studies its lopes123, well done I'm soooooo proud.
    Oh. I haven't done my GCSEs yet, I do them next year. I need a lot of help and prayers, so scared. But well done to you 💯

    Maths: Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    Geography: Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    Spanish: Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    Drama: Predicted A / Achieved A - Only 2 UMS off A*
    Fine Art: Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    Additional Science: Predicted A / Achieved A* - Bio=A* Chem=A* Phys=A
    English Language: Predicted A* / Achieved A* - only dropped 3 UMS!!!
    Further Maths: Predicted A / Achieved B
    PE: Predicted A* / Achieved A

    Comments and reactions
    I am soooooo happy! I never thought in a million years I'd get more than 1 A*, yet here I am. Hard work really does pay off! Only didn't get my predicted in Further Maths and PE, but who really cares about them?

    Future ambitions
    Something English-related which is why I am so happy with my grade in that, and my UMS score

    (Original post by Creamystudies)
    Oh. I haven't done my GCSEs yet, I do them next year. I need a lot of help and prayers, so scared. But well done to you 💯
    hey creamystudies. oh right haha. I'm sure you will do very well. thanks creamystudies.

    Maths Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    Additional Maths Predicted n/a / Achieved A
    Physics Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    Chemistry Predicted A / Achieved A*
    Biology Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    Religious Studies Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    History Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    Economics Predicted A / Achieved A
    French Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    Computing Predicted A / Achieved A*
    English Literature Predicted A* / Achieved A
    English Language Predicted A* / Achieved A*
    overall 9 A*s 3 As

    Comments and reactions
    over the moon, wasn't expecting anything close to this. econ i was convinced i'd failed, chem i thought i would get an A. annoyed at english lit ever so slightly because i'd been working at A* standard the whole year and thought my essays were good enough but i don't really care

    Future ambitions
    double maths physics and french for a level then probs maths at uni, not too sure after that

    English Language: A*
    Media Studies: A*
    Performing Arts: Distinction * & Distinction
    English Literature: A
    Additional Science: B
    French: B
    Geography: B
    Religion Studies: B
    Mathematics: D (2 from a C, school is getting is remarked).

    These results would have been perfect if not for that ugly D in maths just ruining everything. I'm praying that karma is good to me so that I don't have to do maths next year....

    Maths: Predicted C / Achieved A
    English literature: Predicted A* / Achieved A
    English language: Predicted A / Achieved A
    French: Predicted A / Achieved A
    Chemistry: Predicted B / Achieved A
    Physics: Predicted A / Achieved A
    Biology: Predicted B / Achieved A
    History: Predicted A / Achieved A
    Geography: Predicted B / Achieved A
    Music: Predicted D / Achieved A

    Comments and reactions
    I could have done better, but I'm not going to dwell on that, because I don't think 10 As is too shabby! Though I'm not taking it next year, I'm most happy about music, since I surpassed what I was predicted, the same with maths. All in all I'm pleased- I put in quite a lot of hard work and I think it shows!
    Future ambitions
    Next year I'm taking physics, chemistry, maths and French in the hopes of becoming an engineer later on in life. I'm aiming to get all A*s in my AS exams, but we'll see about that

    Well done everyone!

    Results: English Language:/ Predicted A / Achieved B (Exam went awful and elated that I did so much better than expected)
    English Literature:/ Predicted A / Achieved A
    Maths: Predicted A*3 / Achieved A (Hopping between A and A*, lower than final predicted grade but boundaries pushed higher, so not bothered)
    Geography: Predicted A* / Achieved A (Only one I'm not happy with. I know it's still an A but in exams I did, I never dropped below A*, and in one unit I got a B bringing the grade down)
    RE: Predicted B / Achieved A

    Core Science: Predicted B / Achieved A
    Additional Science: Predicted B / Achieved A
    Further Additional Science: Predicted B / Achieved A* (Not expected at all, teachers were very convinced I was a B grade student)
    Art: Predicted B / Achieved A
    Business Studies BTEC Level1/2 First: Predicted Dist* / Achieved Dist*

    ICT ECDL: Predicted B / Achieved Dist* (Were doing GCSE then switched halfway through...)

    Overall really happy with my results, but devastated for some others. I have a few friends which are supposed to be coming to me to sixth form. One was predicted mostly A's and A*s, but got all C's and one B, making him unqualified for all A Level courses apart from Maths. Over the joy of my results I'm just feeling upset for him and hope he manages to get into the school. He worked so hard.. Another friend got what he needed, but underperformed on some subjects which surprised me.

    I got 259/300 in Spanish GCSE Aqa and I got an A. Does anyone know what I would need for an A*

    (Original post by School12345)
    I got 259/300 in Spanish GCSE Aqa and I got an A. Does anyone know what I would need for an A*

    Posted from TSR Mobile

    Results: (predicted/achieved)
    Maths: A*/A*
    Further maths GCSE: A^/A^
    English Language: A*/A*
    English Literature: A*/A*
    French: A*/A*
    History: A*/A*
    Chinese (Mandarin): N/a / A
    Business Studies: A*/A*
    RE: A*/A*
    Chemistry: A*/A*
    Biology: A*/A*
    Physics: A*/A*
    IT (AS): A/A (184/200 UMS)
    C1 (A-level): A/A (100/100 UMS)

    Overall 11A*, 1A, 2As for AS


    Future Ambitions:
    Dunno really...

    9 A*s and 1 A
    Subject: Predicted: Result:
    English lit. A* A*
    Eng Lang ". "
    Biology. ". "
    Chemistry". "
    Physics ". "
    French ". "
    Spanish ". "
    History ". "
    Geography ". "
    Maths A*. A haha

    Results ( Predicted / Achieved)
    English Language: B / B
    English Literature: B / A
    Maths: D / C
    PE: E / D
    French: B / C
    Science: C / B
    Additional Science: C / B
    Drama: B / B
    Media Studies: B / B
    History: B / A

    very pleased with how it went!

    Alright so here goes lads - the first grade is what I got in my mocks - the second grade is my predicted grade and my third grade is my actual grade
    Biology - A* / A* / A*
    Chemistry - A* / A or A* / A*
    English Language - A / A / A
    English Lit - A / A* / A*
    Geography - A* / A* / A*
    German - B / C / A*
    History - A / A* / A*
    Maths - A / A* / A*
    Physics - A / A / A*
    Religious Studies B - A / A*
    Overall - 9A*'s and one A

    I still can't believe that I was predicted a C in german ad managed to gain an A* - I was oping for an A

    Hopefully I can get into Medical School after my A levels
    I hope everyone else is happy with their results as well and have a great last week before school starts again

    Subject: Maths Predicted B / Achieved A
    Subject: English Language Predicted A / Achieved B :/
    Subject: English Literature Predicted A / Achieved A*
    Subject: Biology Predicted B / Achieved A*
    Subject: Chemistry Predicted A / Achieved A (but I got an A* in both the papers so HA)
    Subject: Physics Predicted A/ Achieved A*
    Subject: Music Predicted A / Achieved B (lol)
    Subject: ICT Predicted A* / Achieved B
    Subject: Geography Predicted A / Achieved A*
    Subject: French Predicted B / Achieved A
    Subject: Statistics Predicted B / Achieved A

    Comments and reactions
    Surprised about the language and the IT but hey ho not taking them next year so they don't matterrrrr

    Future ambitions
    A levels at current school

    Film Studies

    I'd like to to Pharmacology at uni (anyone know if those GCSE's are good enough?)

    (Original post by Vanilla Cupcake)

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    Thank you

    i got
    geography a*
    rs a*
    biology a*
    physics a*
    french a*
    maths a
    chemistry a
    eng lit a
    eng lang a
    catering a
    so i'm quite pleased

    (Original post by romansholiday)
    You've done incredibly! You did better than me haha!
    Thank you lovely! How did you get on? And how did you do in that French listening paper?

    (Original post by School12345)
    I got 259/300 in Spanish GCSE Aqa and I got an A. Does anyone know what I would need for an A*
    Think it was 270, at least it was for French so i'd assume it'd be the same. Check the UMS grade boundaries

    maths: A (edexcel igcse)
    business: A (edexcel gcse)
    eng lang: A* (edexcel igcse)
    eng lit: A* (edexcel igcse)
    history: A* (edexcel gcse)
    geography: A* (edexcel gcse)
    science: A*A* (edexcel igcse)

    i cant believe i even passed science
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