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    (Original post by joey11223)
    This is a new term for me, Cishet, but it took me a while to release meant cis-het, not just...Cishet.

    Cishet...it sounds like either some sort of foreign weapon or cooking instrument..

    You could "wield your cishet" or "cooking Moroccan X with the cishet"

    ....lol so ransom.

    Though I suppose one interesting aspect of the LGBT community, well some of them, having this Cishet label used often as a seemingly derogatory term (from a quick googling) for how easy it is to be straight and how they dominate and such like , is that it ignores the fact heterosexuals are not free from difficulties in their sexuality. Homo/het/bi/pan/insert new term here sexuals can all experience sexual fetishes which can be incredibly difficult to deal with, to "come out" with, even more so than coming out as Gay/bi etc in some instances. After all coming out as gay, for the most part with our generation, is a pretty unremarkable thing, homophobes are shouted down. Where as if someone comes out as...a furry, ABDL, etc...well...not going to go well, the only fetish which seems acceptable due to exposure as it being a positive thing is mild BDSM and due to the ubiquitous nature of it, MAYBE foot fetishes within a relationship (though not to a wider audience). Folks gotta learn to stand together, it's getting better though.

    ...complete tangent.

    Anyway school for LGBT, nope, because using my example above, where does it end? Does every group potentially at risk of bullying need a special school? No point doing that, means the bullies are winning, introduce it more to younger kids as acceptable* and stamp down on bullying (aka give a ****).

    *Oh and for the complete idiots who reply with "oh ma gawd they'll turn gay tho!", yes....because being taught about something from Year 7 onwards makes you copy that. A man having sex with a man is okay? Well suddenly I find myself attracted to men too, I shall do it!...nope...we all know that's not how it works. Or maybe we'll all try Hinduism, I learnt about that in RE and that's okay...so I must do it...
    Should've hyphenated it, sorry.

    You've completely summed up my thoughts on the matter. I see a lot of nastiness in the LGBT community about people who are perceived to have an easier time of it, whether true or not, and cis-het people seem to bare the brunt of it, regardless of the fact that your sexuality and gender identity are in many ways a very minor part of who you are and how you experience life.

    (Original post by Planto)
    Don't see how but ok...
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