if there was an election tomorow


    I'd vote Conservative. Theresa May seems to actually want to get a grip on things and is a damn sight better than Cameron was. I know it's early days but she seems to be making changes and so far I like what she's done. The Tories under David Cameron were just about tolerable, so I'd like to see what May can achieve. Plus, she seems to want to get Brexit sorted, rather than drag us back into the EU. As good as that sounds, it would be ludicrous to try to do so.

    Corbyn is totally nope. I get it that he's a nice guy and sticks to his ideas - but I think he would crumble in a national crisis, or when faced with a tough decision. I also get the feeling he isn't completely his own man, and that he may not have total control or knowledge of events within his parts. Momentum sounds nice but what will they actually achieve in the polls? He recently appointed Diane Abbott as Shadow Foreign Secretary which doesn't help matters.

    The Liberal Democrats sound nice on paper, but they have no chance of winning an election, and come out with seemingly vague and meaningless slogals/policies which put me off voting for them. The Greens come out with some mad things every now and again which rules them out, although they do sound like they have some interesting policies.

    UKIP are well, UKIP. We've left the EU, so why bother any more?
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Updated: October 6, 2016
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