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    (Original post by __WiZaRD__)
    What u idiots dont understand is that the only reason bush ever got into any of those Unis was because of his NAME......... BUSH................ his DAD...........

    I think you need to read Stupid White MEn by Michael Moore. Even though it is his opinion it makes you rethink about bush...............
    Why would you call a total stranger stupid? Prejudism will get you NO WHERE in life. You call me an idiot, yet you do not know me. I suggest you get to know me, or you read my reasons for siding with bush. Not to mention the reasons of other bush supporters.

    (Original post by Made in the USA)
    If you think Bush got into Yale and Harvard because of his name, you could say the same thing about Kerry. Kerry is a descendent of the Forbes family. His middle name is 'Forbes'. He was educated at elite boarding schools in the US and in Europe. It can be argued (not by me...I think it is irrelevant) that Kerry got into Yale because of his family background.
    I agree, if you were to judge one person on his name, you would have to judge another person equally. Let me ask the people posting on this thread this question... firstly..My middle name is Stowe, the name Stowe is found on the liberty bell, my great great.. etc. uncle repaired it when it cracked.. John Stowe, secondly.. my mother's maiden name is Collessano, hello.. we have any sicily buff's in here.. anyone know of the town in sicily named collessano? yeah.. named after my family. and thirdly, anyone know the name Chamberlain? yes? Another part of my family.. my grandfather's side. Yup Yup. Ok. Now.. 3 different famous sides in my family's history. Would anyone judge me any differently because of them? I've been told that I can get scholarships to uni for the first two parts to that. But I've refused them. But still.. my question stands, because I have 3 parts to my ancestry that are famous, or are somewhat famous, would anyone in here judge me differently?

    (Original post by Made in the USA)
    What was unfair about the democratic election? Democrats wanted the votes counted over and over again. Bush was the winner every time. What's the problem?
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